Mexican Cruise Excursion Tips

Before you head out for your Mexican cruise, here are some excursion tips to note. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Taking a Mexican cruise is a fulfilling way to explore the coastal areas of Mexico. The country is full of adventures which may be exciting yet intimating for first timers at the same time.

It is essential that one plans ahead in time to make sure that your cruising experience is as smooth as possible and leaves you with unforgettable yet pleasant memories.

Communicate with your travel agent

It is important to stay in contact with your travel agent few days before your cruise is scheduled to leave. Make sure your arrangements including shore excursions have been made. The scenario in Mexico changes frequently which is why some excursions may be unavailable or some ports skipped. If you are in contact with your travel agent you won’t have to face unexpected changes.


When planning your Mexican cruise keeping the weather in consideration is extremely important. Summers may seem as the perfect time to travel however this is also the prime time for hurricanes in the Atlantic and gulf regions.

You may want to arrange your trip in late fall, winter or spring t avoid the risk of cancellations or changes in your itinerary due to storms in summers.

Shore excursions

For first timers it is always recommended to go for a reputable cruise company who will be responsible for arranging the excursion. People going for the first time usually do not know about reputable vendors etc which is why the cruise company makes sure that their clients go to the best places, are treated well and have a good time.

Shopping sprees

Shopping is major part of any Mexican trip whether you want to stock up on the souvenirs or simply add the Mexican touch to your collection.

When shopping in bazaars it is best to stay away from items such as knives, blades, or firecrackers. They are widely available in the market but may be held by custom authorities or officials at the airport. Furthermore be careful that animal furs, ivory and plants cannot be shipped.

Your shopping trips will be more enjoyable if you bargain with the vendors and are able to bring down the prices. Although don’t be too stubborn, going down by 20% is the best way to go.

Another small thing to note is that it is good to keep spare change when going on your cruise. Tourists are usually the ones who get bombarded by people begging for money when they come ashore.

Finally it is also best not to drink tap water when in Mexico as there sanitation standards are not excellent. Always choose bottled water to keep yourself safe.

Keep the following tips in consideration and your Mexican cruise excursion will be a smooth sailing.

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