Mexican Inspired Weddings

Whether you are choosing to have a destination wedding in Mexico itself, or are just wanting to recreate the Latin feeling wherever you choose to have your ceremony, you don’t have to be of Mexican descent to create a Mexican inspired wedding…

Mexican inspired weddings are fast becoming one of the trendiest wedding options of the moment. You don’t need to spend loads of money and go over the top in order to give your wedding a Mexican feel – all you need is a small budget, and some carefully chosen, small items that bring the whole theme together.

Mexican Color Schemes

Before you can plan much in the way of your wedding décor, you will need to decide on a colour scheme. Although when most people think of Mexican styles, they envision bright, primary colours such as reds and greens, it is also possible to choose a much more muted palette that will still give a festive Latin feeling. For example, the use of shades of yellow, sea foam green and coral can create a spectacular scene for your Mexican inspired wedding.

Table Settings

Many people make the mistake of going over the top when creating a themed wedding. You want to give your guests a feeling of your theme, but not completely overwhelm them with Mexicali details. Try keeping your table settings simple – it will convey the light, airy feel of a Mexican beach and make your guests feel cool, comfortable and relaxed. Try using airy fabrics such as linens on your table setting, and keep to one colour with accents to make it pop, or try experimenting with different textures instead.


You can also add a touch of Mexicali to your wedding by adding traditional Mexican figurines to your table. There are a wide variety of these figurines available, and you can choose the flavour of Mexico that best suits the rest of your theme.

Music Options

No Mexican inspired wedding would be complete without a Mariachi band. Mariachis add a feeling of great celebration to any wedding, what with their interesting outfits and festive music. They really add a true Mexican atmosphere to the wedding.


A fantastic idea for giving your wedding a South of the Border feel is to take traditional Mexican elements and give them a non-traditional twist. For example, you may think that Sombreros would seem cheap and tacky to add to a wedding celebration – however you can choose to create beautifully designed Sombreros using embroidery that perfectly matches your colour scheme, to add a fun and interesting feel.

Creating a Mexican inspired wedding can be a lot easier than you think, and you don’t need to fly all your guests to Mexico, either! All you have to do is be creative and make use of small, individual elements to add some Mexican flavour.

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