Indian Motorcycle Patches

Want to buy Indian motorcycle patches? Looking for a specific Indian motorcycle patch? Read on as we give you the lowdown on the best patch designs for Indian motorcycle enthusiasts…

Indian motorcycle patches are considered to be an essential accessory for all Indian motorcycle enthusiasts. These are basically patches that can be ironed onto your vest, shirt or jacket. Interested individuals will be able to find Indian motorcycle patches in a wide variety of designs.

Some of the most popular Indian motorcycle patches are as follows:

Indian “classic American motorcycles” patch

This is one of the latest designs to be featured on the Indian motorcycle patch. It is 100% embroidered and measures a total of 3 inches in diameter. It has the word Indian written in a bar across its design which measures 3.75 inches long. The seal backing enables you to iron or sew the patch onto your shirt. In terms of its design and quality this is surely one of a kind Indian motorcycle patch. You can get your hands on this impressive patch for about $7.95.

Indian “America’s First Motorcycle” Patch

This is a truly beautiful design that has been meticulously embroidered onto an off white surface. The off-white color is nicely complemented by white and black. This is an ideal choice for those motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a large sized patch for the back of a jacket that measures a total of 10 inches in diameter. At $24.95 this is an excellent bargain for an authentic Indian motorcycle patch of this size and quality.

Indian Head Patch

This machine made patch is truly one-of-a-kind featuring a silhouette of a Red Indian’s head in order to symbolize the brand. Because of its small size which measures just 3.5 inches the Indian head patch is better reserved for the sleeves. The authentic patch can be worked on to your sleeves in either way by stitching or ironing it on. The color scheme for this particular patch is a sober combination of tan and black.

Indian Chief Letter Patches

This patch design is another new one in line featuring 11 separate letters that have been made using durable cloth reading Indian chief. The lettering is in black and a white outline for the lettering enhances the design. This is a highly versatile genuine Indian motorcycle patch that can be sewed or ironed onto a vest, shirt or a jacket. The Indian chief letter patches are also available in different color schemes hence you can choose one that goes well with your particular attire. You will be able to get your hands on this new motorcycle patch for about $ 14.95.

Indian Motorcycle Black Wing Patch

This high-quality patch is by far one of the most popular Indian motorcycle patches that you will be able to find. It is based on the all-time favorite winged design that is admired by motorcycle enthusiasts. Featuring an embroidered design it has two black wings fully spread out with the Indian motorcycle manufacturing company logo smack in the center. This motorcycle patch has a universal appeal and is being sold in the market for $14.95.

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