Mexican Mens Wedding Shirts

To keep your wedding authentically Mexican, the groom may choose to go with a traditional Mexican wedding outfit, by wearing one of the many types of Mexican Wedding Shirts for Men. Read on for some interesting information, including where you can get these shirts and their fascinating history.

If you and your partner have decided to host a beach-themed wedding set in Mexico, or with a Mexican theme, then you will have to also decide on the perfect wedding attire to go with the relaxed, beach atmosphere. Destination weddings such as those set in Mexico generally do not have the same type of formal dress code as other types of weddings may have.

Setting The Tone

As the event usually takes place outside, on the beach, you have to make allowances for the weather – it could be windy, hot or blazing down, which is why the groom needs to choose his outfit carefully to match the event. As well as accounting for the weather, it is also important for the groom to choose an outfit that fits with the overall theme of the wedding – an overdone black tuxedo and shoes will certainly look out of place at a beach wedding!

The Guayabera

Mexican wedding shirts for men , also known as Guayaberas or Cuban shirts, are the perfect choice for a Mexican themed wedding. The Guayabera will keep the groom cool and comfortable, while looking elegant and chic. Best of all, the shirt is casual enough that you will be able to wear it at many other occasions after your wedding, making it a great investment.


The Mexican wedding shirt has a long and detailed history. It has been around for more than 200 years, and has been worn in Mexican wedding ceremonies for all that time. The shirt is traditionally loose and flowing, and is therefore flattering for grooms in all shapes and sizes. No need to be worried if you are not in tip top condition on your wedding day – you can still look good in a Mexican wedding shirt.

Design & Fabric

These shirts come with a lot of fine detailing that make them really unique, and perfect for your wedding day. They have between two and four small patch pockets and two vertical rows of fine pleats that are sewn tightly together on both the back and the front of the shirt. Traditionally, guayaberas are made of linen, making them even more breathable and comfortable to wear.

The name of the shirts is thought to originate from the legend of a Spanish wife that sewed pockets in her husband’s clothes in order for him to carry guava fruits home.

If you would like to remain cool, calm and collected on your wedding day, then choosing to wear a Mexican wedding shirt for men is without a doubt your best option.

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