Best Mexican Cruise Destinations

Find out about the best Mexican cruise destinations before you head out for your trip. Read our guide for more facts and information…

To make your Mexican cruise a memorable it is essential that you visit the following ports and destinations.

Mexican Riviera

The Mexican Riveria is regarded as the most spectacular cruise destination of the country and one of the top cruise locations of the world. Majority of the cruises of the Mexican Riveria depart from San Diego or Los Angeles.

The Mexican Riveria is marked by clear waters combined with a warm tropical climate which makes it a year round destination. There are a lot of attractions to visit including the popular destinations of Puerto Vallarta, the jungle adventures at Mazatlan and the whale watching trip from Los Cabos.

The destination also satisfies those who enjoy nightlife as well the shopaholics with excellent vacation deals awaiting them.

The Baja Peninsula

The name Baja is inspired by the famous all terrain SUV. The peninsula is both easily accessible as well as exciting. It offers tropical warm weather all year round which makes it popular among the visitors. It also offers beautiful scenic views, thrilling adventures and delicious Mexican cuisine. In addition the towns offer snorkelling which becomes the highlight of this destination.


Located on the eastern side of the country it is a destination which appeals to everyone. On the sea side port you will come across various Mexican themed tourist attractions which make sure you get a taste of the culture and the food. It is a must stop destination thanks to the delicious food, shopping and the entertainment here.

The downtown village in Cozumel offers you the feel of authentic Mexico. The culture, lifestyle and the fun is a short and inexpensive cab ride away.


Cancun is considered as the best destination for the young at heart. It is a Mexican resort town which is famous for the all year round attractions. It is believed to be considerably cheaper in the non spring season or the off season.

Cancun offers exciting spring break parties, nightclubs, top class restaurants, luxury spas and fashionable boutiques. They also have romantic waterside escapades for the couples.

You can also take a break from partying and head out to the nearby village of downtown Cancun. This gives you the opportunity to explore the traditional Mexican side while offering a safe and friendly environment.

In order to see all sides of the country you must head to these destinations when heading for your cruise excursion to Mexico.

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