Mexican Saddle Blankets

Are you looking for the perfect Mexican saddle blanket to ensure maximum comfort for your horse? Then read our guide for more facts and information…

Saddle blankets are a must for anyone who wants to ensure utmost care and protection for their horse. Saddle blankets are inserted under the saddle to protect your horses’ back by cushioning the saddle and absorbing the sweat. Some are folded with double thickness while others have single thickness. The saddle blankets are not meant to replace a properly fitted saddle yet a soft blanket is sure to make up for minor fitting problems that may discomfort your horse. The saddle blanket comes in various sizes to fit different sized horses accordingly.


Among the many blankets available, Mexican saddle blankets are among the most popular choice today. The blankets are 100% wool and are carefully hand woven on ancient hand looms which have been passed down for centuries. Some blankets are also made from natural fibres such as cotton and wool. The soft material of the blankets ensures maximum comfort. These Mexican saddle blankets are available in many sizes yet the most popular ones measure 32’’ x 64’’. They will surely last you a long time if handled with care.

Decorative Uses

Another reason for their popularity is that the Mexican blankets come in various colours which appeal to the eye. Also, you can also use your saddle blankets as wall hangings or as rugs to add a south western feel to any space.

Mexican saddle blankets can be easily bought from the various online stores that stock and ship Mexican products. There are many retailers offering different varieties. All you need to do is to compare prices as the prices depend on the size, design and deals offered. Some retailers also sell the blankets at wholesale rates so survey to get the most competitive rates.

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