Mexican style furniture

Are you looking to refurbish your home in a classic, timeless style? Mexican style furniture is an affordable and charismatic way to instantly create warmth in any home. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Mexican style furniture encompasses an eclectic mix of beautiful bare wood, wrought iron accents, leather and one-off vibrantly hand-painted showpieces. There is a distinctly rustic, country feel to the Mexican style that evokes images of laid back, Santa Fe summers in warm, earthy tones.  The natural, earthy tone of Mexican style furniture gives it a uniquely timeless look that can suit both classic and contemporary themed homes, making it a versatile and stress-free choice of furniture style.

More For Less

There is nothing more annoying than only being able to afford one or two pieces of furniture that match. Mexican style furniture is so affordable that this is hardly an issue. Whether it be a dressing table for the bedroom, or a sideboard for your kitchen, it is absolutely possible to keep that wonderfully charming rustic theme throughout the home without hurting the wallet. There is such a vast range of furniture types available in the Mexican style, and all are reasonably inexpensive. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to furnishing the home in this way.

What To Look For

Often, Mexican furniture that is bought new is made with kiln-dried pine, and is easily ordered over the Internet in flat packs, or in store. It is understandable to feel put off by the possible quality of flat packed furniture, however, the robust Mexican style makes for a much sturdier product than perhaps other styles of flat packed furniture. Self-assembly is usually very easy, but be wary of  products that have MDF or laminate parts. They are usually cheaper, but may not look or function as well as their solid-wood counterparts.

If you are looking for darker tones than the natural pine look can offer, most designs can also be purchased in Alder hardwood. Some distributors also stock pine ranges that have been stained to different tones, whilst keeping the wood look intact. Vintage or antique pieces also come in darker tones.

Vintage or antique Mexican furniture is simply beautiful as a focal piece in any room, and even outdoors. Often, the furniture is made from reclaimed wood, such as old doors, as well as copper and iron, and reworked to create a unique piece. The distressed look of the older wood gives a wonderfully organic feel to the furnishings. Due to the antique nature of the furniture, it can sometimes be very heavy or bulky, as it may not have removable or collapsible parts like the pine. Vintage and antique pieces can also have hand painted or mosaic elements to them, which add a nice vibrant and artistic touch.

Mexican Equipale is also a popular choice of furnishing style, particularly for living and lounge areas. It incorporates rich, copper colored pigskin leather with wooden strip accents. The leather can also have hand painted themes on it, which instantly gives the furniture an authentic Latin-American feel.

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