Mexican Wedding Favors

If you are planning a Mexican themed wedding or are from Mexican descent and want to incorporate some cultural traditions into your wedding, then read on for some great ideas for Mexican wedding favors…

Wedding favors are small gifts or snacks that are given to guests at a wedding, as a symbol of the bride and groom’s appreciation for their presence at their special day.

Personalized Favors

If you are having an all-adult wedding, then you could consider adding miniature bottles of tequila to the table as wedding favors. It will add to the festivities of the evening and certainly get the party started! To personalise the favors, you could add an individualised label with the guest’s name and perhaps a small image that reminds you of them, added to the tequila bottle. If you are worried about your guests drinking too much at your reception, then why not hand out the bottles only at the end of the evening, so they can take them home as a keepsake?

Sweet Favors

For guests that don’t drink, you can include some traditional Mexican pastries and cookies that are often served at weddings, wrapped in a small box with a ribbon printed in a Mexican style design. Mexican wedding cookies are sweet treats that are baked with nuts and butter, and include spices such as cinnamon and cumin. Once they are baked, they are dusted in icing sugar. If you would like to keep your budget low on your wedding favors, while still incorporating an authentic Mexican feel, then you should consider baking your own Mexican wedding cookies and packaging them in beautiful, delicate bags or boxes.

Floral Favors

Calla Lilies are often incorporated into Mexican weddings, and you could use these magnificent flowers as part of your wedding favor. You could add a silk Calla lily to each place setting, or make a bookmark out of the flower for guests to take home as gifts.

Add Some Spice

Tabasco sauce and salsa are used often in Mexican cooking, and you could create small jars of homemade salsa or order small bottles of Tabasco to use as wedding favors. That way, guests will also be able to add some spice to their wedding meal if they so wish, as well as taking the gift home to use in the future.

Liven It Up

You could also use miniature maracas as your favors – these are traditional Mexican shaking instruments that create a unique rattling sound when you shake them. Having maracas on every table will encourage your guests to get involved in the spirit of the wedding by shaking the maracas when the bridal couple have their first kiss or their first dance, for example.

As you can see, there are a world of ideas when it comes to choosing a Mexican themed wedding favour, so all you need to do now if decide which favors would suit you, your guests and the feel of your wedding the best.

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