Lake El Salto Fishing Report

Going fishing in Lake El Salto Mexico? Looking for fishing reports from Lake El Salto? Our guide to fishing in Lake El Salto Mexico gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.

Lake El Salto is one of the premier fishing destinations in al of Mexico and is popular not only with Mexican anglers, but also fishing enthusiasts from all over the world who come here for a vacation. Lake El Salto is known primarily for its excellent bass fish and hundreds of reports indicate that the average size of bass fish in Lake El Salto is extremely large indeed. Many fishing tourists who have gone to Lake El Salto report catching the biggest bass fish of their lives there.

One of the main attractions of Lake El Salto as a fishing destination, other than the incredible size of the bass fish, is the fact that fishing can be done more or less all year round here. The fishing season at Lake El Salto is generally considered to run from September right through to June which is 10 months of great fishing. Reports from people who have gone fishing in Lake El Salto during the summer months of July and August suggest that while there’s nothing wrong with the fish during these months the weather is just too hot to allow for a comfortable fishing trip.

Fishing Reports from Lake El Salto

In addition to the large size of the bass fish that can be caught in Lake El Salto, many reports from experienced and well traveled fishing enthusiasts suggest that the fish are also far more aggressive making them more difficult to catch. Any ken fishing fan will tell you the main thrill of the catch is the process of tiring out the fish and battling with it before reeling it in.  Reports indicate that the average size of a bass fish in Lake El Salto is around 15 pounds which is much larger than the average size to be found at many of the popular spots in the US.

Fishing Packages at Lake El Salto

Many people coming from the US to fish at Lake l Salto purchase all inclusive packages for the duration of their vacation. Included in the vacation package is a bungalow or lodge on the shores of the lake, use of a rental boat and often a local guide who will tell you where the best places to cast your line are. These packages can be great value for money as the outfitters are able to pass on savings to you through booking everything together.

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