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Looking for directions to IKEA in Malaga Spain? Want to know about prices, opening hours and holidays for IKEA in Malaga? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The IKEA store in Malaga is one of the largest in Spain as it was designed to cater not only for the tastes of the local Spanish people but also the multitude of expats who have either moved to Malaga or own second propertied their. Unfortunately the website for IKEA Malaga is only available in Spanish so here we’ve put together the most pertinent information regarding the IKEA store in Malaga for English readers.

IKEA Malaga Address & Directions

While the IKEA store in Malaga is not centrally located, the good public transport and road links In the area make it easily accessible by any means of transport. The address for IKEA Malaga is Avenida Montserrat Caballé 12, 29140 Malaga, Spain. If you need somebody to give you direction you can try calling the IKEA store’s main phone line for information at +34 951 908 000.

If driving from the east coast of Malaga, Grenada or Antequera you take the A7 and take the exit at Parador de Golf – Coin.  If coming from the west you take the same road and get off at the same exit, except you are going the other way. Alternatively if coming from the east on the MA21 (what used to be called the N340) get off at exit 2 and the IKEA store is signposted from there.

The IKEA store in Malaga is well served by Bus line number 10 while Plaza Mayor is the train station you want to get off at for the store. The trains to and from the IKEA store in Malaga run every half hour.

IKEA Malaga Opening Hours

IKEA in Malaga is open from Monday to Saturday from 10am until 10pm. The store remains closed on Sundays as is the custom in Spain. Opening hours for the popular IKEA restaurant are from 9am to 9.30pm from Monday to Saturdays.

IKEA Public Holidays Malaga

The IKEA Malaga store is closed on various days throughout the year due to various religious and national holidays. These include February 28, March 20, May 1, August 15, August 19, October 13, September 8, December 6, December 8 and December 25th.


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