Mexican Wedding Invitations

Mexico is a country that is full of colour, laughter and culture, and makes a great venue for a destination wedding. If you are thinking of travelling to Mexico for your wedding day, or are simply having a Mexican themed wedding, then you should consider making authentic Mexican wedding invitations to add to the theme…

When deciding on what design to go for with your Mexican inspired wedding invitations, you have plenty of options to choose from. Mexico is a loud, bright country, so choosing bright colours such as red, orange and green in striking traditional Mexican patterns can be a great choice that goes perfectly with the Mexican feel of your wedding.

Mosaic Inspired Invitations

However, if you are wanting a more muted palette, then you will also be able to find inspiration in Mexico. Many Mexican homes and crafts include mosaic style designs, that can be very colourful or simply incorporate two or three colours. A popular example is a beautiful blue and white mosaic style pattern, inspired by Mexican artwork and tiles. A good idea if you are looking for a clean, crisp colour palette is to combine different shades of a single colour, for example shades of blue mixed with white, or an edging of silver or gold to add a bit of femininity.

Mexican Beach Weddings

You may also choose to be more literal with your interpretation of the Mexican theme, and include traditional Mexican items on your wedding invitations. Examples are to make the invitations appear very beachy, if you are choosing to have a beach wedding in Mexico or simply want to incorporate the carefree seaside spirit into your wedding. You can also choose to be a bit more fun and carefree with your invitations, and include images of Mexican staples such as Sombreros, Margaritas and Salsa onto your invitation.

Sombrero Invitations

To add a bit more excitement, why not consider constructing your invitations in such a way that they appear as miniature sombreros that then fold out to reveal the invitation? You can also add traditional Mexican designs and ribbons to the invitation to incorporate interest.

Using Fabrics

It is always nice for guests to receive an invitation that is unique and that they feel they should keep, and one way of doing this is to add texture to your invitation. Choose to print the invitation on fabric, or using old maps and photographs with images of Mexico.

However you choose to incorporate your Mexican theme into your wedding invitations, you are sure to create something beautiful that captures the fun, festive atmosphere of Mexico, with a definite beach feeling. Your invitation should aim to make guests excited for the event, and encourage them to enter into the spirit of Mexico.

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