Mexico Wedding Customs

For Mexican couples wanting to create a traditional Mexican wedding to make their special day even more memorable, there are a few essential points to get right. For more facts & information on this read on…

When a couple is celebrating what is sure to be one of the most important days in their lives- their wedding day- they often want to include the cultures, traditions and customs of their heritage.

Indigenous vs. Hispanic

In terms of the wedding attire, there are many cultural influences that come into play – Mexico has over time been influenced by both its own indigenous culture, as well as the European cultures of Spain, as Spanish explorers were the first from the Western world to reach Mexico.

Wedding Attire

Mexican brides therefore often wear Spanish-inspired gowns with a long mantilla veil, a tight-fighting lace dress with a short bolero jacket, or a Flamenco style dress with numerous ruffles and plenty of volume. The groom, on the other hand, may wear an outfit that is similar to that of the famous Spanish matadors, with a bolero jacket and tight fitting pants, or a traditional Mexican Wedding Shirt that is worn with loose fitting pants.

Food: The Key Ingredients

When it comes to food, traditional Mexican food is spicy and fragrant, with the key ingredients of beans, rice, tortillas and quesadillas. There may be nachos with guacamole, sour cream and salsa served as a starter or alongside the main course.

Drinking & Dancing

The traditional Spanish wine known as Sangria is usually served, with is a mixture of red wine, fruit, sugar and soda water with spices such as cinnamon, served cold. To add to the traditional Mexican feel, guests may be treated to salsa dancing or live flamenco guitar music that creates a very festive atmosphere at the wedding reception.

13 Coins

One of the most unique traditions at a Mexican wedding is that of the thirteen gold coins. The groom must give his bride thirteen coins made of pure gold, which act as a symbol for the loyalty, love and respect that he will have for her as his wife. It also symbolises that he is willing to share his wealth and material possessions with his wife for the rest of their lives. If the bride accepts the coins, she is showing that she will promise to love him unconditionally, and dedicate herself to caring for his needs and looking after his possessions. The number thirteen is important as it symbolises Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. In the coin giving ceremony, the groom places the coins into the brides open hands and puts a box on top of them.

These are just some of the wonderful, colourful traditions that make a Mexican wedding unique. If you incorporate some of these into your wedding ceremony, you will be able to show your guests an important and enjoyable part of your own heritage.

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