Native American Jewelry Rings Brown Stone

Want to buy Native American Jewelry rings in brown stone? Read our guide for facts and info that will help you buy the perfect Native American brownstone ring…

Brown Stone is one of the rare stones that the Native Americans made use of in the production of jewelry. Native American brownstone rings are renowned for their aesthetic appeal. For the Natives however the brown stone in itself carried deep innate meaning and hence immense cultural significance.

Some of the finest Native American brown stone rings available in the market are as follows:

Sterling Amber Brown Stone Ornate Cap Ring

This is a truly drop dead gorgeous Native American ring. It has that unusual look trade mark of Native American style yet it has amazing beauty that no one can deny. This ring does not bear any marks but can help you make a profound fashion statement. The face of the ring is square and measures ¾” whereas it is about ½” high. The brown stone sits in the center on a prong and gives off amazing shades.

Ladies Brownstone Sterling Silver Ring

This is an exquisite handmade Native American ring build according to Navajo traditions. The beautiful brownstone in the ring measures ¾”L x ½”W. You will find the ring to be bearing the artist’s signature.

Multicolor Brownstone Band Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring

This is a truly spectacular ring within which brownstone has been used in combination with other colored stones. Shaped in the form of an elegant butterfly this Native American ring is perfect for the ladies. Made out of sterling silver the brown, blue and pink stones look brilliant in its contrast. You will be able to get your hands on this impressive ring for about $80.

Brownstone Amber Ring

This special handmade brownstone ring has been hand hammered in sterling silver bezel with a solid sterling silver platform. The ring has a top that measures 5/8 inch by 5/8 inch. The traditional Navajo style twisted wire with sterling silver rain drops gives the ring its Native American touch. The ring has been stamped for proof on the inside.

Native American Navajo Brownstone Ring

As the name suggests this ring takes its inspiration from the Navajo style of jewelry making. It has been meticulously hand crafted and features a rather large size rectangular shaped cab of iridescent brownstone. The rare stone in such a big size has an eye catchy appeal. The unique traditional silver swirls that accompany the plain bezel which holds up the stone add further aesthetic value to the ring. You will also find silver beads attached to a split shank in the design. The large sized brownstone has been given an excellent polish making it sparkle in the light. The ring has a face that measures 1-1/82″ by 1″ wide and weighs in at 8.4 grams. You will be getting a Certificate of Authenticity on purchase of this special Native American brown stone jewelry ring. The ring also bears the artist’s mark.

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