Car Rental in Kathmandu

Thinking of renting a car in Kathmandu? The following article gives you a brief overview of all you need to know.

If you are travelling to Kathmandu and wish to enjoy the freedom of having your own car then car rental is a good option. Car rental in Kathmandu may well be worth the expense if flexibility, freedom and the comfort of your own car are your desired aims. It is also worth considering car hire in Kathmandu if you have children as this allows you to ensure that your children are also safely strapped in to adequate care seats during your journeys around.  Clearly car seats are always an issue if you are travelling around by taxi as it would be necessary for you to transport your own seat around and then strap it into the respective taxi.

Car rental in Kathmandu is not cheap however and some people prefer to charter a taxi for the day as this often works out more cheaply than car rental.  If there are a few of you travelling together in Kathmandu however, then car rental is definitely an option as you will be able to split the costs.

Car rentals in Kathmandu usually come with a driver which is helpful as it will ensure that you don’t have to manage the difficulties of driving in an unfamiliar environment.  It is also likely that you will find the traffic in Kathmandu fairly chaotic so fortunately, a driver ensures that you don’t have to navigate the bedlam!

You can rent most types of cars in Kathmandu, including four by fours for rough terrain driving and vans.

If you chose to rent a car whilst in Kathmandu then you will find a number of car rental agencies. These agencies can be more expensive however, than those found within the hotel. An example of one such car rental agency is Gorkha Travels who can be contacted on (Tel: +977 1 224895). Alternatively, the hotel you stay in should be able to help you with car rental or, at least direct you accordingly.

If you chose to rent a car whilst in Kathmandu then ensure that you take your driving license and passport with you when sorting out the rental as these are key documents and it is unlikely that you will be able to rent a car without them.

Be sure that you don’t rent a car for the days in which you are seeing the old parts of Kathmandu as these are more easily accessible by foot or by motorbike.

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