Recipes for Dark Belgian Chocolate

Interested in recipes for dark Belgian chocolate? Discover some of the top tasty treats made using the worlds best chocolate.

The country of Belgium is not only credited for producing the world’s best chocolate rather it has also developed some very interesting recipes using that chocolate.

Some of the all time classic recipes for dark chocolate are as follows:

Dark Belgian Chocolate Fondue with Fresh Fruit

This delicious treat is made using minimal ingredients. The list of ingredients includes a variety of different fruits like pineapples, bananas and fresh strawberries. You will also need pound cake and heavy cream along with the main ingredient which is some top quality Belgian dark chocolate.

You will start off by chopping the fruits and pound cake into little pieces. You will also cut up the chocolate into small pieces. This will make it easier to melt. Then you will heat the cream to bubbling hot on the stove and add those little chocolate pieces in the cream. Stir until the mixture becomes creamy smooth but you should be careful not to let it reach to boiling point. Next up all you have to do is place it in a fondue pot along with the fruit and pound cake and you have a simple yet delicious Belgian dark chocolate delight.

Tiramisu Recipe With Dark Belgian Chocolate

The above mentioned recipe is perhaps the all time favorite Belgian chocolate delight around the world. This special treat blends Belgian dark chocolate with Italian cookies and espresso to give you a fusion of two distinct cultures.

You will need two packets of Italian cookies popularly known as ladyfingers. Along with this you need to have a cup of espresso coffee, white sugar, whipping cream, mascarpone cheese, amaretto and Belgian dark chocolate of course.

The mascarpone cheese, Amaretto and sugar need to be blended together and left to chill. Once chilled beat in the soft whipped cream. Then dip the ladyfingers in the coffee and lay them out in a baking dish. Sprinkle half of the mixture you prepared in the baking dish and top it off with chunks of dark Belgian chocolate. Repeat the same process over another layer of lady fingers topping it off with shaved Belgian dark chocolate. This exquisite desert item needs to be served chilled.

Hot Belgian chocolate tart

This bite size treat is another Belgian dark chocolate classic. To prepare this bitter sweet treat you need milk, whipping cream, vanilla pod, eggs and some delicious dark Belgian chocolate. In order to make the pastry you will need plain flour, sugar, cocoa powder, eggs and butter.

You will start off by making the pastry which involves mixing the above mentioned ingredients, chilling it and then baking it. Next up you will melt the chocolate in a pan. Then you will ad that to a mixing bowl along with two eggs and infused cream mixture. After the mixture is ready you will pour it into the pastry and bake for ten minutes. This delicious treat is served at room temperature and topped with whipped cream.

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