Mountain Biking in Nepal

For those who love mountain biking, Nepal makes an excellent destination as it provides unrivalled challenges for the mountain biking fanatic!

As in any other country, the benefits of mountain biking in Nepal
are not just limited to the spectacular views.  Mountain biking also
allows people to experience the exhilaration of independent travel and
the opportunity to meet local people on their routes and to
gain a first hand insight into their culture. Whilst mountain biking,
you are also more likely to gain access to non touristic and remote areas.

Nepal is a great place for mountain biking; offering challenging and
beautiful routes.

What greater an experience than to enjoy the beautiful offerings
of the spectacular mountain views and terrains in Nepal. Even novice
mountain bikers can enjoy some of the less demanding mountain trails in

The mountain trails on offer ascend thousands of miles and each stopping
point as one travels on these routes allows for increasingly stunning
views.  Clearly the ascent of these beautiful mountain routes is
coupled with the excitement and sheer exhilaration of the subsequent
descent – which when done with speed, allows the adrenalin to flow and
makes and difficulties of climbing the mountains in Nepal all the more

The most popular mountain biking routes in Nepal will be discussed in
separate articles.  As a brief overview however, Kathmandu Valley has
some fantastic routes – most of which are detailed in a Kathmandu Valley
Map.  This map is typically known as the ‘German Map. It is useful to
refer to this map as designing your own ad hoc route when mountain
biking in Nepal, could result in you becoming drawn into routes which
are characterised by steep rock faces; requiring you to carry your
bike for a signficant part of your excursion. A survey of mountain
bikers visiting the Annapurnas found that most of the mountain bikers
in this area carried their bikes for at least 75% of their trip.

In addition to the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, the Terrai also has
some beautiful routes – most of which can be completed on flatter
terrain than those in the Kathmandu Valley.

An overview of the equipment needed whilst mountain biking in Nepal will
be provided in a separate article.

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