Nepal Long Stay Holiday Travel Insurance

Want to know more about Long Stay Holiday Travel Insurance in Nepal? The following article is intended to give you some high level information.

It will come as no surprise that Nepal is one of the most popular destinations for those wishing to take a prolonged trip and thankfully, long stay holidays are becoming more accessible for individuals who may otherwise have never planned on taking a long break.  It is now more popular for individuals to take prolonged career breaks and employers are more likely to be flexible and make sufficient arrangements for such plans to be accommodated.  Pensioners are also more likely to be taking long stay holidays, as are graduates before they embark on the world of work!

For those hoping to truly experience the delights that Nepal then a long stay holiday is absolutely essential.

Due to the popularity of long stay holidays and travel in Nepal, Companies have become more accustomed to providing the respective travel insurance and competition amongst insurance companies to provide competitive long stay holiday travel insurance policies means that the price of such policies has gradually reduced over the years.

Taking out a good long stay travel / holiday policy prior to travelling to Nepal means that you can be assured of financial protection (please note however, that it is also a good idea to ensure that you have sufficient home insurance cover too during your absence).  Long stay travel / holiday policies also offer far better deals than policies which were originally intended as short stay deals.

Long stay travel / holiday policies for Nepal are often quoted with a vast number of different add-ons to suit your specific requirements when travelling to Nepal;  such as adventure policies, extreme sports, winter sports cover, valuables cover etc.  For this reason, it is suggested that you conduct a detailed review of all the possible long stay travel / holiday insurance policy providers prior to travelling.  Ensure that you think ahead in detail about what you might potentially be doing whilst in Nepal so that any potential eventualities have been included in your long stay travel / holiday insurance policy.

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