Painted China Cabinets

Unfinished china cabinets can be painted in a variety of colors. To find out what color will best suite your purposes read on…

There are many different ways to paint china cabinets which can be formal and elegant or casual and country. Some painted china cabinets have both exposed finished wood surfaces and paint surfaces. Painted china cabinets are available in a larger variety of colors and white and black tend to be more formal which colors often have a casual appearance. Cabinets that are hand painted with art work or stenciled are usually more expensive than plain cabinets.

Painting a China Cabinet

Those who are lucky enough to get a nice china cabinet at an estate sale, thrift shop or auction, may choose to paint the cabinet themselves. It is important to remove all the cabinet hardware and sand the wood before painting. It is best to use a wood primer in either a dark or light color before applying the actual paint. Oil based paints work best on wood and won’t peel like latex paints can.

Glazes and Varnishes

Many painted china cabinets feature a distressed or antiqued finish. This can be achieved with an oil based glaze. A glaze is a transparent or translucent finish that is available in many colors and allows the paint to show through. Pickling, using a white wash over the paint or stain, is another popular way to finish wood pieces. Talented individuals may choose to add stenciling or artwork to the piece after it is painted. A clear coat of acrylic varnish will seal the paint, but make sure the varnish and the paint are compatible, or the paint may bubble.

Distressed Finishes

Sometimes peeling or bubbled paint is the look a decorator wishes to achieve and there are products which will cause paint to bubble or recede from some of the wood. There are also special varnishes that crack when applied and allowed to dry. These work very well when a glaze is applied over them since the glaze will settle into the cracks, making them more visible and making the piece look older. Another option is to use several coats of different colored paints and sand the top coat in wear areas and corners to reveal the under coats.

Painted china cabinets are available brand new in all these finishes, although consumers may have to shop around a bit to find exactly what they want. There are many styles available from formal French provincial and Queen Anne to rustic and country. Finding a second hand china cabinet and painting it is a great way to get a rich look for a very reasonable price.

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