Nepal Travel Guides

The following article presents a few good resources for those wishing to travel to Nepal.

It is always advisable to conduct as much research as possible into any travel destination prior to travel.

There are some excellent travel guides available for Nepal; some more detailed than others.

Lonely Planet has published an excellent travel guide for Nepal and is a great resource to carry around on arrival.

This particular travel guide contains all of the relevant information that you should know for your trip – including, 56 maps of Nepal, information on festivals and national holidays in Nepal, excellent listings for accommodation in Nepal, information on Nepalese restaurants, information on mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, mountaineering and trekking in Nepal.  As with most travel guides, it also contains some useful facts and figures regarding Nepal.

A great online travel guide resource for Nepal is ‘’.  This site provides an excellent catalogue of links for hotels, tour guides, rafting agents, biking agents and safari agents in Nepal.  This online travel guide also has a great selection of articles and information concerning safari, shopping, eating, entertainment, activity, meditation etc.

Another online travel guide for Nepal is ‘’. As with the travel guide referred to above, it is also an excellent resource covering almost everything you need to know if travelling to Nepal.  A further great advantage of this particular travel guide is a multimedia presentation which (at the time of writing), is featured on the first page of the site.  The site also has features such as an online conversion tool which gives conversions of major currencies into the currency of Nepal and a further tool which gives up to the minute weather advise.  Finally, a great advantage of online tools, which can’t be offered by paper version travel guides is that the site is also host to a message board which allows prospective and post travellers to Nepal to leave messages and to give / receive advice etc.

You’d be well placed to both buy the Lonely Planet travel guide (or a similar travel guide) whilst simultaneously having a look at some of the excellent travel guides which are readily available (and free!) online.

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