Cheap Italian Charm Bracelets

Looking for cheap Italian charm bracelets? Our guide gives you the information on background, materials, designs and costs that you will want to know.

There is something about the Italian charm bracelets that have made them an evergreen piece of jewelry. Ever since their release in the early 90’s they have been increasing in popularity and today their popularity is soaring more than ever. Italian charm bracelets have developed a cult status especially amongst the teenagers who love to collect and trade different kinds of charm bracelets. Initially however Italian bracelets were not the kind of jewelry that everyone could afford. The original Italian charm bracelets were constructed out of high quality stainless steel backing and 18k gold. This made them a high end product which only the relatively well off people of society could afford. This is why they were looked upon as a status symbol and not a mere fashion accessory.

When the popularity of the Italian charm bracelets crossed the boundaries of Italy and reached the United States things began to change. The fashion accessory was considered to have a marketing potential far beyond what was being realized. To increase the commercial viability of the product the manufacturers of these bracelets began to produce them in different kinds of materials that would make them more affordable for the vast majority of the public. This also led to different kinds of charm link designs that would not be catering to the teenage and adolescent levels because even they could afford them. The bracelet that would initially range between 500 to 100 dollars could now be purchased well within 50 dollars. By no means have the cheap Italian charm bracelets stripped the fashion accessory of their status symbolism because the high end Italian bracelets still speak for themselves.

Cheap Bracelets

The good thing about this new trend is that now everyone can get their hands on a cheap Italian bracelet. It makes a great gift especially for teenagers who have a wide variety of collectable charm links designed to cater to their tastes. The cheapest category of the Italian bracelets is those below 50 dollars. You will find such bracelets to be a simple sterling silver with one charm or a 10k gold bracelet with a number of charms. These are starter bracelets and the wearer can keep adding charms as and when he has the means to do so. Decent starter bracelets are also available in 14K gold. These kinds of cheap Italian bracelets are great for those people who cannot afford to buy full fledged Italian bracelets but like to have the privilege of owning one and then adding charms to it through the course of time.

Mid Range Bracelets

The second category of cheap Italian bracelets is that between fifty and one hundred dollars. This is also relatively cheap when compared to the high end bracelets. They will obviously contain more charms than the first category and some of their links may even be studded with semi precious stones. You will be able to find complete bracelets that can be worn as they are within this price category. One should however be careful and check out the building material because some inferior materials can cause allergic reactions in certain skin types.

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