Squidoo and Nepal

Writing about other countries and cultures is an absolute passion for those of us here at Kwintessential.  We were delighted therefore to discover the Squidoo site, which has allowed us to upload everything and anything that we love about Nepal onto a single ‘lens’ via a website called ‘Squidoo’.

Squidoo was created by Seth Godwin in an effort to provide website hosting for those of us who want to shout about the things which we have great love and excitement for.  On this occassion, we decided to create a Squidoo lens for Nepal – coupled with of course, lenses for all the other countries which we have written about, including for example, Iran, Iceland, Greece, Argentina and Turkey.

Squidoo effectively allocates the author a ‘lens’.  The lens we created is called ‘Nepal Travel’. Squidoo then gives you the capability to include anything and everything necessary to help educate and inform the reader. As such we have included all the articles that we have written on Nepal and coupled them with photos.  Squidoo also makes it possible both for the reader to do a search on some of the best travel books for Nepal via the Amazon site plus, to do a travel search for Nepal – e.g. plotting a travel time table to Nepal and downloading flight details and respective costs. Squidoo doesn’t just limit the information that someone can download on Nepal there.  It also includes a section which allows the reader to view Youtube videos and the latest headlines relating to Nepal.

So, why not check out our site now?

Don’t forget to use the Guest book to tell us what you think – particularly if you feel that there is key information relating to Nepal which you believe we may have overlooked.  All comments relating to Nepal will be gratefully received – particularly if they help to improve our Squidoo site!

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