Croatia Mobile Homes

Renting a mobile home in Croatia is a great option for your Croatian holiday. To find out how to choose your Croatian mobile home and campsite read our guide for more facts and information…

Given Croatia’s unique landscape, with numerous bays and sparkling crystal clear beaches it is considered as a great camping site. The culture and the unspoiled beauty of nature guarantee you and your family an energizing vacation.

Mobile homes are small rest houses which are located near the camp coast. They are an alternative for those who do not have tents, campers or their own trailer.

They are considered as a better alternative than apartments by campers which are located near all the famous and popular Adriactic beaches. They provide all the comfort of family apartments while being close to your camping spots.

Many hesitate in opting for mobile homes fearing their state. Although the condition and facilities of every mobile home is different based on the provider, generally all are well organized and are fully air conditioned.

The homes are not humungous nor are they tiny. They are very spacious like the wooden bungalows while are more intimate and private than resting apartments.

Mobile Home Facilities

The standard mobiles homes have one or two bedrooms and bathrooms, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen to provide convenience and ease.

The more luxurious ones have larger bedrooms with built in wardrobes, bigger kitchen and more spacious living room. Bunk beds, convertible sofas and cots are also available. More luxurious homes include satellite TV and air conditioners.

Also parking space is available for one car next to the house. Most mobile homes also have a terrace to allow you to enjoy the unforgettable sunsets of the Adriatic.

The more popular  ones in demand are those in Pag and Dalamtia which are known for their spaciousness and are offered during vacations. Other homes of the Shellbox Tavolara type represent Italian design and comfort.

Adria holidays provide apartments and mobile homes in Croatia and other countries. They provide the mobile homes for comfort and convenience nearby the most popular campsites. For example Camping Park Umag is one of the largest campsites in the town of Umag and is an ideal place for a family vacation with kids. The mobile homes there are equipped with all the basics and additional features such as wooden terrace, microwave and a radio or CD player.

Also the mobile homes in camp lantern which is located in Porec are meant to make you feel at home. They are ideal for those who like to relax and enjoy the smell of the Meds plants and blue seas. The homes are well decorated and  also come with terraces to view the scenic beauty and rich flora.

As mobile homes are highly in demand because of their convenience, comfort and ease, many companies are providing them near popular destinations and campsites. So make sure to compare prices and services of the different providers before you head towards your trip.

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