Lodging Near Machu Picchu

Lodging near Machu Picchu is a wonderful opportunity to experience the natural paradise of Machu Picchu and perhaps, remain connected with its sacred energy during your stay. Read our guide for more facts and information…

While Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge is the only hotel perched adjacent to the ruins, there are several lodgings in Aguas Calientes, the only town that connects to Machu Picchu. You can find lodgings of various types to suit your budget and needs. Staying near the site of the Machu Picchu ruins is not only convenient to visit the site early in the morning but also provides easy access to other interesting trails and areas, such as the Hot Springs.

Machu Picchu luxury lodging

The Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge adjacent to the very site is the most luxurious hotel in Machu Picchu. Previously, a rustic inn called Machu Picchu Ruinas Hotel built by the Peruvian Government, the hotel now belongs to Orient-Express Hotels. Its dramatic settings coupled with incredible views of the Machu Picchu citadel emanate an air of grandeur. It has a restaurant, cafeteria and snack bar and costs around $1000 or higher depending on the kind of room.
The Sumaq Hotel is the only 5-star hotel located by the banks of River Vilcanota in Aguas Calientes. Surrounded by the biodiversity and natural splendor of the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park, it gives ready access to valleys, mountains, waterfalls and rivers. It costs around $600 per room.
The Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel sited amidst terraced hills, giving amazing views of River Vilcanota. Priced at about $600, it is just a few steps from the train station.

Machu Picchu cheap lodging at hostels

Hostals are far less expensive compared to hotels, due to which they are a delight for backpackers. They generally lack a restaurant facility. A few of the budget-friendly hostals are listed below:

 Gringo Bills Hostal

Located at Plaza de Armas, Aguas Calientes, Gringo Bills is a cheery place with clean rooms and nice views of the Amazon rainforest. It has a restaurant, bar and a TV hall. Costs range from $75 to $135 depending on whether you choose a double room or suite.

 Hostal Continental

Located along the railroad tracks in Aguas Calientes, Hostal Continental has tidy and stylish rooms though they are not large. It is quite suitable for backpackers as it is much cheaper costing about $60 per room. The hostal has a library that can be accessed by guests.

 Hostal Machu Picchu

This hostal is located in Av Imperio des los Incas, Aguas Calientes almost on the train tracks. With a balcony overlooking River Vilcanota, it has a café and bar and rooms are priced at about $65.

 Hostal Presidente

Adjacent to Hostal Machu Picchu and similar to it, this hostal has comfortable rooms and nice views, but is a bit pricier at $80 per room.

Mid-range lodging near Machu Picchu

Aguas Calientes has plenty of hotels at mid-range prices. Most of them have restaurants, bars, spacious common areas and coexist with the local culture, allowing guests to immerse themselves in outdoor activities and experience the authentic customs of the communities.

Some of the moderately priced and well-rated lodgings are Terrazas del Inca, Hotel Boutique La Cabana, Machu Picchu Green Nature and Perwa Bed and Breakfast Machu Picchu. These hotels are at a walking distance from the train station and the bus terminal that connects to Machu Picchu. Some even offer breakfast as early as 4:30 am for those starting at dawn to see the sunrise over the ruins. Their proximity to the Hot Springs is also much appreciated.

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