Colourful Mexican Blankets

Want to add some personality to your dull room or exercise space? Then you need to buy some colourful Mexican blankets. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Mexican blankets are actually often made in Guatemala from where they are exported worldwide. They provide warmth yet are stylish. Some are made of Acrylic, cotton blend and polyester.  They come in many varieties which differ in designs, shapes, weights, sizes and materials. Their uniqueness lies in the colourful patterns and designs that are created by hand weaving.

Colorful Designs

The blankets are designed and structured to truly reflect the Mexican culture. The famous patterns and designs include sunsets, coyotes, village sceneries and abstract artwork. The traditional culture is reflected through the use of bright and vivid colours such as blue, red, green and orange etc.

Mexican Serapes

Among the wide variety of blankets available, the serape or sarape is a blanket that truly represents the Mexican culture. It is a brightly coloured, long blanket used as a shawl, has fringes at the end and is traditionally worn by Mexican men. The serapes that are made in the highland regions are usually two toned combinations of brown, back, tan or grey. The colours depend on the natural skin colour of the sheeps that are reared in the area.

Regional Variations

The serape is inspired by the Mexican poncho which is worn differently by the Mayan highland people. They are particularly designed for the foreigners, tourists and city dwellers that are attracted by its uniqueness. The blankets have large designs which are inspired by the Mayan motifs. However if you buy the serapes made in the state of Coahuila in north-eastern Mexico, you will notice that they used dark and bright colours such as red, blue, yellow, green, oranges, purple and other bright colours.

So if you are a collector or an admirer of the culturally rich country of México then purchase the Mexican colourful blankets which are sure to remind you of the rich and authentic culture.

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