Machu Picchu Main Buildings

The city of Machu Picchu is a place of awe and wonder for the tourists with its spectacular architectural buildings. Read our guide for more facts and information…

The strategic location of Machu Picchu high above in the Peruvian Andes made it an ideal place of retreat for religious purposes.  The main buildings found in the Inca city are separated into three areas – agricultural, urban and religious. The architectural design matches the function of the buildings.

Machu Picchu important buildings

The entrance tickets for view of Machu Picchu main buildings are available at Machu Picchu Cultural Centre in AquasCalientes. Tickets are also available at InstitutoNacional de Cultura (INC) office at Calle San Bernadoif in Cusco.

Sun Temple / Temple of the Sun: The Sun Temple was dedicated to the Sun god, an Incan deity. The temple was an observatory in which the solstices measurement was done.

Royal Tomb: Underneath the Sun Temple is a vast room called the Royal Tomb, curved out of cave rocks, but actually no mummies were found here.

Royal Kancha: Just opposite to the Sun Temple stands a Kancha, where the Sapa Inca and his family used to reside. The Royal Kancha consists of a royal studio, bedrooms, kitchen, and workshop.

Temple of the Three Windows: The Temple of the Three Windows is a structure which has three walls and the fourth side is an open and consists of columns supporting the roof.

Machu Picchu Main Temple: The Main Temple of Machu Picchu was not devoted to the worship of Sun god. The deity worshipped here is unknown.

Chamber of Ornaments: The Chamber of Ornaments is a small room which is located behind the Main Temple. Experts consider this as the most perfect building in all of Machu Picchu. The stonework by the ancient Incan stonemasons is amazing.

Intihuatana: The Initihuatana is a pyramid built by the Incas on these mountains. On the top of this pyramid lies a polygonal boulder. This rock provided the Incas with the information on solstices.

Main Plaza: This is the heart of Machu Pichu. It is a long open space which is surrounded by estate’s buildings. At the Main Plaza the assemblies and celebrations took place.

Temple of the Condor: The Temple of the Condor is a skilfully shaped rock into the wings of a Condor. The floor of the temple is a rock carved into the shape of a condor’s head.

Sacred Rock: The Sacred Rock is at the north-western section of Machu Picchu. It is a polished natural outcrop of the mountain. Incans used to consider these mountains guardian spirits.

Rock Quarry: The Rock Quarry is located on a high hill in the center of the Urban Sector from where the construction materials were being supplied.

Monumental Mausoleum: This is a stone block having a vaulted interior with carved walls. It is believed that this place was used for sacrifices.

The unique tour through the temples, terraces, rocks seems to take the tourists to another time making it a most unforgettable experience.

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