Croatia Walking Holidays

You can enjoy your holidays walking around on a distinct island and visiting ancient caves in Croatia. To help plan the best walking holiday plan around Croatia, read our guide for more facts and information…

Adventure and entertainment are what everyone wants to find when they are on their vacations. They always look for refreshments in a serene place with their favorite features and services available. Croatia, or the Republika Hrvatska, lies in the northeast part of the Adriatic Ocean. The country is dotted with beautiful islands and beaches to enjoy quality time and calm holidays on. Many people prefer the gullet, or flotillas, to cruise around the ocean, but they can miss the inner beauty and different historical places on their Croatian holidays. So, walking around Croatia on your holidays can be the most amazing experience in your life.

Planning Self Guided Walking Holiday

You can plan your walking holiday in a distinct way to enjoy the most of your time. There are different online resources on magnificent places of Croatia to choose from. You can then use these resources to plan your trip, based on your budgets and desires. The cities still preserve the heritage of their ancient and glorious past, with abundant touches of nature throughout the mountains, forests, beaches, and islands. You can enjoy your holidays walking along the beach, or climbing a mountain peak. The view of the Adriatic from a height is a once in a lifetime experience that you won’t want to miss. Below are some of the best places to visit on your self-guided walking holiday of Croatia:

Dubrovnik Walking Tours

The southern city Dubrovnik is an ancient historical city full of ancient places, monasteries, and churches. You can visit the Baroque Cathedral, St. Blaise Church, Rectors Palace, and more to get a mystic feeling of the Renaissance along with the charm of the country. You can also get the unique opportunity of shopping in quality boutique shops, antique houses full of underwater souvenirs, gift shops, and other stores to buy from your shoes to travel bag.


This medieval city consists of Roman, Gothic, and Renaissance architectural styles and is the home of the exquisite Parish Church of St. Stephen and the beautiful the Motovun Forest.


With only seventeen people living here, Hum is the smallest town in the world. It does, however, hold the Hum Glagolitic wall writings in the Parish Church of St. Jerome. These writings are some of the oldest from the Middle Ages.


This wonderful small town is where you’ll find the Churches of St. Anthony, St. Rok, and St. Bertol. It is also the place where the first Croatian printed book was produced and is historical for its still-standing city wall from the Middle Ages.

Moscenicka Draga

A former fishing village, but now the perfect stop to enjoy the Croatian beach and marina. With multiple walking paths, this is a favorite for tourists.

Variety is the Key to Enjoying Your Croatia Walking Holiday

As the country is resplendent with many beaches and islands, you can choose some beaches to visit. You can even rent a yacht from the ports to make a voyage to another port. In your route, you can enjoy scuba diving, fishing, water rafting, and many other exciting activities along your voyage. There are more than thousands of islands in the ocean waiting for you to explore them. The localities in these islands are very hospitable and friendly towards visitors, making a deeper bond and impression, making you want to visit over and over again. You can enjoy a campfire at night on the beach, or visit one of the national parks for a night safari. For example, Piltvice National Park covers more than 90 magnificent waterfalls, with several high mountain peaks making it ideal for climbing and cycling. You should plan your walking holidays according to your budget, and you can enjoy the most gorgeous beauties of the Adriatic ocean just by walking around in Croatia. Crystal clear water in the beaches, serene forests, and magnificent architecture create the perfect balance for your Croatia walking holidays.

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