Peruvian Chullo Fleece Hats

The chullo is a traditional Peruvian earflap beanie that is perfect for staying warm during cold mountain winters. Usually made from alpaca, which is four times warmer than wool, chullo hats are great on ski slopes and are sold at many ski resorts…

There are a number of online sites that offer alpaca or alpaca wool blend chullo hats for sale and some offer hats with a fleece lining for added warmth. As a rule, the fleece is a synthetic or synthetic blend fabric which lines the inside of the knit chullo hat. When added to alpaca or alpaca blend knits, the warmth of these hats is hard to beat. Since real chullo hats are knit, not sewn, the ear flap hats with lambs wool and other linings are not chullo hats. It is important to get chullo fleece hats in the right size though, because alpaca is not very elastic even in a knit and the fleece also limits the amount of stretch in the hat.

Imitation Chullo Hats Are Everywhere

While Peruvian chullo hats were once featured mostly at ski resorts and other winter sports venues, they have recently become a fashion statement. Featured on fashion models and for sale at boutiques and department stores everywhere, chullo hats have hit a chord with teens around the world.  Some of the styles are sewn from woven fleece instead of knitted in the traditional fashion and most are made from wool and synthetic blends. While they lack the warmth of the more traditional hats, the crazy youthful designs are appealing. Although these versions of the Peruvian chullo hat are not usually as warm as the traditional chullos, most of the wearers aren’t concerned with warmth as much as the fashion statement they make.

Why Are Peruvian Chullo Fleece Hats So Popular?

The helmet shape and ear flaps on these hats make them warm, but they are also a great way to cover heads on a bad hair day. Many of the hats have braided yarn pieces attached to the ear flaps which gives them a sort of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz appeal. On the other hand, it is difficult to know exactly why certain styles capture the public imagination and become fads, especially when the largest number of buyers are teenagers. Chullos with cat ears, skulls and crossbones and other embellishments loved by the young have added to the overall sales appeal and these hats are now found in boutiques that cater to “punk” and “goth” fashion followers.

There is no doubt that Peruvian chullo fleece hats will continue to enjoy popularity at winter sports events, but no one can say how long they will be considered a fashion accessory. Warm clothing is always in demand in cold climates, but fashion is fickle and teens are even more fickle so next year they may find another type of head wear irresistible.

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