Peruvian Macusani Alpaca

Peruvian Macusani alpaca is a breed of alpaca that originated in the Macusani region of Peru. This is a very remote part of Peru which can only be reached overland through mountains and swollen rivers…

Alpacas are llama like animals, but are smaller and not bred to be pack animals. They are bred instead for their fur. Alpaca wool is generally regarded as some of the finest wool in the world. In Incan times, the wool from the alpaca was reserved to be worn by Incan royalty only. The finest of alpaca wool comes from Macusani which is said to produce “alpaca fleece grown close to heaven”. Fleece can vary in density (microns) and in the amount of fleece per animal.

Alpaca Breeding

Because the Peruvian Macusani alpaca produces the best and heaviest of fleeces, they are the most desireable for breeders in other areas of the world. Alpaca breeders keep lineage charts and the ones that have a Peruvian Macusani in their bloodline as sire or dam are usually the more valuable animals. Quality alpacas may sell for $6,000 and up depending on their lineage. Pregnant females may sell for $20,000, while male studs may sell for as much as $30,000.

Care For The Alpaca

Even though alpacas are fairly costly to buy, after obtaining them they are fairly easy to maintain. They eat mainly grasses. During the winter months, hay should be added to supplement their diet. Most alpaca farmers also budget at least $35.00 per animal per year for veterinarian care like worming.

You must also take into consideration the cost of materials and tools. Although the cost is not prohibitive, even the stingiest of alpaca farmers will need lead ropes, harnesses and toenail clippers. This will run about $12,500. Throw in a barn at whatever level of money and conveniences you feel comfortable with.

The Payoff

Alpaca fleece is valuable, but the problem is there is no factory in the United States or Canada that specializes in the weaving of fleece into yarn into clothing. This may necessitate the sale of the fleece to craft groups who might spin their own yarn and fabric.

The big payoff is in breeding alpacas. That is why the Peruvian Macusani Alpaca is so valuable. Since the Macusani alpaca is recognized by most as a superior animal, offspring of one of these will also be more valuable than other alpacas. Also, if you own a male Peruvian Macusani alpaca, stud fees may range from $1,000 to $3,000.

This is not a business that will make you rich overnight. You must first have the money for the investment and decide how you are going to do it- buy the fully grown breeders at high prices or the small alpacas and raise and breed them. Either way you can make money in the long run, but be aware that if at least one of the breeder stocks is a Peruvian Macusani, there is more money to be made.

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