Japanese Street Fashion Trends

Discover the latest Japanese street fashion trends and the extent that people are willing to go to in order to make a fashion statement.

The ancient civilization of Japan has been revolutionized by the mass media. The 19th century saw this conservative country taking on Western trends and traditions and mixing them with their own age old traditions. A century of Western influence gave birth to a new culture that is known as Japanese street fashion.

Street Fashion is an extremely personalized way of self expression. Basically it involves the individual to become creative and combine some of the latest fashion trends and customize them according to local traditions or personal likings in order to come up with something unique. Street fashion trends are usually home made. Interested individuals gather all sorts of materials that they could possibly use to create their costume and work them together under the roof of their own houses.

Over the years many unique street fashion trends have started to circulate on the streets of Japan. The street fashion trend is a true representation of the East meets the West philosophy. There are a number of local and foreign designer labels that are now producing street fashion wear based on the latest trends.

Japanese street fashion trends tend to go to extremes with their creativity. You will be able to see everything from the sloppiest of attires to the avant-garde European catwalk style on the streets of Japan. Street fashion changes very rapidly. What is in today maybe out tomorrow but there is always room for improvisation. In fact the basic science behind Japanese street fashion trends is improvisation.

Hip hop street fashion

Amongst the latest influences on Japanese street fashion has been the hip-hop culture. Although this culture has been present in the club scenes of Tokyo for quite some time it is only now that it has began to surface on a nation wide scale. The popularity of this form of music has led many designer labels to introduce street fashion trends that are characteristic of the people associated with this culture.

Typically this kind of street fashion involves the wearing of extremely over sized and baggy clothes. The Japanese have even gone as far as trying to darken their skin by tanning themselves as a means of making a stronger fashion statement. For the Japanese youth street fashion is all about freedom of expression.

For the more conservative Japanese people the hip-hop street fashion trend seems to be repulsive. The youth on the other hand could not care less and are adamant on imitating their favourite hip hop stars by whichever means possible. Tokyo serves as the centre of the latest Japanese street fashion trends. It is here that you will be able to find people going to all sorts of extremes in the name of freedom of expression.

Japanese street fashion is by no means restricted to a single genre of music. Rather there are various schools of thoughts and styles under the umbrella of street fashion trends. Lolita, Kogal, elegant gothic aristocrat and Bosozoku are amongst the most popular examples of Japanese street fashion trends.

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