Yucatan Weather & Climate

Looking for a weather forecast for Yucatan Mexico? Want an accurate prediction of Yucatan weather? Our guide tells you the facts & information you’ll want to know to get a better idea of the weather in Yucatan Mexico.

The weather in Yucatan is highly changeable depending on what time of year you plan to go. One of the primary attractions for people coming to the Yucatan Peninsula on vacation or even buying real estate and settling there Is the weather. While it’s true that the weather in Yucatan certainly is beautifully sunny and warm most of the year round, there are a couple of seasonal weather variations in Yucatan when the weather is not so pleasant.

Best Weather In Yucatan

The best weather to be had in Yucatan Mexico is undoubtedly in the month of September. If you come to Yucatan during this month you would have just escaped the hot summer but still be able to enjoy warm weather. Because of the previously hot summer months the waters of the Caribbean Sea off the coastline of Yucatan are pleasantly warm and make for excellent swimming conditions. If you are into scuba diving and snorkeling then it’s even better as the warm waters mean that the sea life is more active.

Stormy Weather In Yucatan

Much like the southern United States, Yucatan suffers from severe weather conditions including the occasional heavy hurricane. Stormy weather, including hurricanes, are most likely to be experienced in Yucatan during the month of October, although hey have been known to arrive as early as September of even August. The possibility of stormy weather in Yucatan shouldn’t put you off visiting there unless there’s already a severe hurricane forecasted. The buildings in Yucatan are built to withstand severe weather damage and the weather office issues ample warnings of oncoming hurricanes through the use of sophisticated radars.

Rainy Weather In Yucatan

The rainy season in Yucatan is between May and October. Rainy weather tends to be experienced more along the coastline where it can rain almost every day during the rainy season. If you are more inland in Yucatan it tends to rain less. Although this may seem hampering, rain in Yucatan can actually be quite a pleasant experience and a nice way to cool off from the sun.

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