Acoteias Portugal Holiday Tips

Acoteias is a perfect destination for a tranquil holiday away from the maddening rush of daily life. Read our guide below for more facts and information on Acoteias Portugal holiday tips…
Beaches in Acoteias

Acoteias is a charming pictorial village with serene surroundings and glimpses of the rich Portuguese culture. Its old-charm beauty is magnified by the coves, green meadows, dunes, farmland, red rock cliffs and golden beaches.

Time seems to have stopped at Acoteias and it appears to be untouched by the hustle-bustle of the city. It is barely 6 kms from Sao Joao and Albufeira and can thus give you the comfort and peace of a conventional village as well as cater to any necessities during your travel.

The almond and fig plantations look stunning in the backdrop. The magnificent pristine beaches and the scrumptious Portuguese cuisine offered in the restaurants would ensure you a marvelous holiday.

Beaches in Acoteias

Acoteias is renowned for its magnificent pristine beaches. You can experience some thrilling snorkeling, fishing and diving in these wonderful red rock cliffs at the beaches. The weather here is perfect for swimming and sun-bathing any time of the year.

Praia de Falesia, the longest beach at Acoteias, offers you pure amber sands and clear turquoise water that are a delight for the senses.

The beach boasts of a “Blue Flag” award for its clean waters and is one of the cleanest beaches in whole of southern Europe. The beach is very safe and you can enjoy a stroll or take a swim in the crystal clear waters.

Fun and Entertainment in Acoteias

Acoteias has lots of water parks and theme parks that are immensely popular amongst kids. For golf lovers there is the magnificent Sheraton Pine Cliffs Golf Course. Zoo Marine is a hot favorite amongst tourists as it offers you the breathtaking experience of swimming with Dolphins.

The village offers you horse riding, golf, tennis and various other sporting activities too. Aqualand and Slide & Splash are popular water parks here. The parks have the added pick and drop facility too right from the hotel where you stay.

Restaurants and Shopping in Acoteias

Acoteias has some lovely restaurants that offer traditional authentic cuisines from Portugal. There are a number of bars here too for enjoying your glass of wine. Along with Portuguese cuisine, you can get a good variety of international cuisine to suit all tastes.

There are a number of shopping malls like Algarve shopping in the near vicinity from where you can pick up priceless souvenirs to remember your holiday by. It is self-contained and has cinema halls, super markets, gift shops, bowling alley and a huge variety of shops to cater to all your shopping whims.

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