Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

One of the most popular puppy breeds nowadays is the Portuguese water dog. To find out what makes Portuguese Water Dog Puppies so special, read our guide for more facts & information…

Portuguese water dog puppies are a fabulous breed especially for dog lovers and enthusiasts who want a loyal and intelligent pet. These pups are very smart, highly trainable, obedient, and make excellent companions. They could also be very active animals so the best owner of a Portuguese water dog puppy is one who will provide it with adequate exercise and training.

Your Typical Water Dog Puppy

Portuguese Water dogs, as well as Poodles, Retrievers, Spaniels, and a few other dog breeds are classified as Water dogs. The Portuguese water dog or PWD puppy is similar to its other cousins in many ways. Like the PWD’s, Water dogs are generally very smart. The poodle for example is said to be the number two most intelligent dog in the world. Another distinct characteristic of PWD’s and Water Dogs is their coat texture which is mostly curly or wavy and for some breeds, corded. Lastly, and as the name suggests, these dogs love the water and water activities.

More About the Breed

As the name implies, the PWD is native to Portugal where it is called the Cao de Agua, which means “dog of water”. Having webbed feet, Portuguese Water Dogs are great swimmers, which made them so valuable to the local fishermen whom they worked with doing various jobs. These dogs were tasked with retrieving things that fell into the water, herding and catching fish, and carrying messages among fishermen or ship crew. They were also left to guard ships in foreign ports.

Portuguese Water Dog Puppies: How To Deal

PWD puppies have a strong tendency to be sociable and would want to be within proximity of their owners especially when engaged in an activity or even most of the time. They will typically have one primary master but will also be great with other members of the family, guests, children, and other pets. These pups would also have the inclination to do a lot of chewing and tugging. It would be best for owners to provide a PWD puppy with things that it can chew on and train them against chomping on everything else. This shouldn’t be much of a problem as these pups are highly trainable and will most likely demonstrate the ability and willingness to learn even fairly complex instructions. Over all, a Portuguese water dog pup would make a great pet or worker dog, watch dog, and companion as it grows older.

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