Portuguese Limestone Fireplace

Portuguese limestone, a natural stone with remarkable durability, finds extensive use in making fireplaces. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Characteristics of Portuguese limestone

Many natural stones such as granite, slate and marble are used in making fireplaces, but Portuguese limestone is particularly useful because of its neutral color, rich texture and durability, allowing it to be sculpted into beautiful hearth designs. In Portugal, this natural sedimentary rock which is processed by the forces of nature over the past millions of years is hewn directly from the earth. The characteristic natural texture and intermingling veins and fossils on the uniform background are considered naturally beautiful, making the limestone unique. It is soft and porous in nature and fireplaces made from this natural stone are cost-effective and highly energy-efficient, enabling adequate heat radiation to the surroundings.

Types of Portuguese limestone fireplaces

The common forms of limestone used in making fireplaces are black limestone and white limestone. Limestone fireplaces are sculpted into varying sizes capable of accommodating electric fire, gas fire or solid fuel such as wood. The consumer’s requirements and the location of the fireplace determine the kind of fuel used. A few alterations in the solid fuel fireplace are made possible. Custom-made fireplaces ensure energy efficiency in addition to allowing ease of use.

Maintaining a limestone fireplace

Apart from taking the regular precautions while dealing with fire, the limestone fire place itself retains its beauty with proper maintenance. The accessories that adorn the fireplaces should not impart moisture to the stone as it results in stains. Ashes from solid fuel need to be cleaned regularly, and chimneys of solid hearths should be cleaned regularly too. Apart from using smoke alarms and fireguards, overloading of fuel should be avoided. When gas is used the passages and burners need to be checked regularly.

Makers of Portuguese limestone fireplaces

Manufacturers who are involved in exclusive production of Portuguese limestone fireplaces offer cost-effective solutions with excelling quality. Leona Fireplace, Limestone fires and Chiswell Fireplaces are among the suppliers in the UK who offer classic and contemporary designs of fireplaces with particular regard to the natural limestone from Portugal.

Portugal offers the finest limestone suitable for traditional and ultra-modern designs of fireplaces which are easy to maintain apart from imparting elegance and style to the home. A Portuguese limestone fireplace is an inevitable choice for any living room bringing the traditional elegance of yester years to the new age.

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