Portuguese Rice Pudding

Are you fascinated by the delicious Portuguese rice pudding and desperate to get its recipe? Please read our guide below for the ultimate recipe for preparing this magnificent pudding…

Get nostalgic about your lovely childhood and savor the yummy Portuguese rice pudding along with your friends and family. Create the pudding exactly the way your mother did and relive the wonderful memories.

Portuguese Rice Pudding heritage

Way back during the 15th century Prince Henry of Portugal had commanded his explorers to gather an assortment of fruits, nuts, plants, vegetables etc from any new land they discovered and bring it to Portugal. As a result various food items were brought to the land of Portugal that brought radical change to cuisine in Portugal and the rest of the world. Wheat, onions, garlic, grapes and olives were introduced to Portugal by Romans. Rice was first planted in Portugal by Moors some time later. They also introduced figs and planted beautiful groves of oranges and lemons on the land.

Being extremely fond of a lavish spread, the Portuguese savor a grand lunch followed by rich deserts. Cinnamon flavored rice pudding is greatly appreciated and is one of the most favored desserts there. Portugal imported food and spices from all over the world that influenced its cuisine greatly. Cinnamon was imported to Portugal from Asia and is a vital ingredient in its desserts.

Rice is native in Portugal hence it is cheap and easily procured. This pudding is not just scrumptious but is easy on your pocket too. Extremely easy to prepare, you would find Portuguese rice pudding a must-have in all festive celebrations. Add grandeur to weddings, new-baby celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays or any festival with this lovely pudding.

Recipe for Rice Pudding

You would need 1.5 quarts of milk, 1 cup uncooked white rice, 2 beaten eggs and 1 cup white sugar. Take a large pan and put it on full flame. Mix sugar and milk in it. Lower the flame when you notice bubbles forming at the edges of the saucepan. Keep cooking for 1 hour with constant stirring and stop when the rice is completely cooked. Take care not to let the milk boil.

Put off the flame and immediately add the beaten eggs gradually and blend well. Your delectable rice pudding is ready. Serve it warm and watch your friends and family relish it with joy.

Make your pudding enjoyable:

• Add some lemon peels to eradicate the taste and smell of eggs. Remove the rind before serving the pudding.

• Add vanilla for augmenting the rich aroma and flavor.

• Add mint, strawberry or kiwi slices for enhancing the flavor.

• Sprinkle some ground cinnamon on top before serving.

• For a slight variation called “Aletria” you may make the same recipe by adding vermicelli in place of rice.

• Add exquisite motifs of alphabets, birds or any other pattern of your choice on the pudding top to make the appearance more attractive and personalized.

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