Swimming With Dolphins In Portugal

Swimming with dolphins in Portugal is a unique experience that only Portugal can offer you. Read our guide below for facts and information on how to indulge in this breathtaking experience…

Unveil the mysterious and intriguing world of the sea and experience the most fantastic experience of your life by swimming with dolphins and enjoying shows featuring sharks, seals and other various exquisite marine lives only in Portugal.

Zoomarine Park, Algarve

Zoomarine Park in Algarve offers you an enriching interactive program with dolphins that is a treat for you and your family. They have various exhibitions and shows showcasing various marine lives. Some of their spectacular shows include the Peter pan show “Never Never Land” that is performed with seals and sea lions, mind-blowing “Dolphin show” and a magnificent “Magical Bird Show”.

Make a trip to the beautiful aquarium too and witness the exotic collection of marine lives there. They also have beautifully landscaped gardens in the serene surroundings for relaxing. Kids can have a blast in the amusement park that has all the rides that would have them jumping in glee. The magnificent pirate ship, big wheel, roller coaster and two lovely swimming pools for kids and adults add a lot of fun to your family outing. They also have lots of restaurants and shops that offer delicious snacks.

Swimming with dolphins

At Zoomarine you get to experience the wonderful dolphins at very close range. The entire interaction is carried out with an under water expert who would be your side throughout your stay with the dolphin. Get first hand experience of the unique aquatic behavior of dolphins at Zoomarine. On average, the interaction under water lasts about 30 minutes and you get to spend time with bottle-nosed dolphins and also learn about the environmental hazards being faced by them during a 40 minutes talk. The underwater task is performed in a group of approximately 12 people with a trainer.

Essential requirements for swimming with dolphins

There are a few requisites that need to be fulfilled in order to accomplish swimming with the dolphins. The minimum age of a participant should be 6 years and the child should be accompanied with an adult. Carry the proof of age in case of kids as the rules are quite stringent and entry would not be allowed. Pregnant ladies are not allowed here due to potential risk to them due to their state of health. You must know how to swim and have a good health. You should not be suffering from any psychological or physical problem that may affect your coherence in understanding the trainer’s instructions. For underwater interaction, you have to wear the wetsuit provided by Zoomarine and wear your personal swimwear beneath it.

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