Invicta Russian Diver Black Chronograph

The Invicta Russian Diver Black Chronograph watch is an amazing timepiece, made exclusively for men, posing a robust, yet intricate craftsmanship. Read our guide for more facts and information about the Invicta Russian Diver Black Chronograph…

The Invicta Watch Group offers some of the top brands of watches with a variety to choose from, for men as well as women. However, the Russian Diver series of Invicta are prominent, standing out from the rest of the brands. Heavy and large, these watches are unique timepieces crafted to perfection, with excelling technology and an incredible water-resistant feature such that they are unharmed during diving expeditions.

Features of the Invicta Russian Diver Black Chronograph watch

A distinct chronographic movement called Swiss Ronda, a six-jewel movement, operates the Invicta Russian Diver Black Chronograph watch. The very appearance of the watch informs that it is extremely durable, and the large dial distinguishes it from other Invicta brands. The hour numerals are boldly set on the dial, offering easy readability even while under the water. The patented Trinite hands and markers are readable in the dark, as they retain a glow for lengthy durations.

Description about the Invicta Russian Diver Black Chronograph watch

The Invicta Russian Diver Black Chronograph watch comprises a black-ionic coated stainless steel case, with a black wristband made of leather. The clasp consists of an adjustable buckle. The mineral window safeguards the black dial, showing Arabic numerals and luminous hours markers in green color. There are three chronograph sub-dials on the face, with one each at the three O’ clock, six O’ clock and nine O’ clock positions. Below the twelve O’ clock position, there is a date calendar. With a diameter of 52 millimeters, the case has a thickness of 16 millimeters.

Technical functions of the Invicta Russian Diver Black Chronograph watch

The watch is powered by an accurate Swiss-quartz movement. The chronograph operates with sixty seconds, thirty minutes and one-tenth of a second in the sub-dials. There is a stop-watch function which adds to its unique functional features. The unidirectional bezel is black-ion plated and there is a screw-down cap, with a security chain over the crown for protection. It is water-resistant up to hundred meters.

The black ion plating on the watch casing expresses its durability, besides the protection rendered to the exquisite mechanism. The high-tech construction makes it safe in every possible way for underwater expeditions, though it also forms trendy casual wear.  In spite of its huge size, the Invicta Russian Diver Black Chronograph wrist watch has an optimal curvature that renders a comfortable feel when worn on the wrist.

The Swiss expertise involved in making such splendid time-pieces requires years of training, and Invicta offers these incredible horological masterpieces at affordable prices. These large-sized watches are also available for women. Invicta offers a warranty plan, along with the purchase of these watches. Owing to its uncommon and explicit design, the watch is also a sought-after piece for collectors.

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