American Bald Eagle Kite

Interested in the American bald eagle kite? Find out about this unique kite modeled around the bald eagle and how it takes to the skies…

The American bald eagle is credited as being the national bird of the United States. It is also renowned for its amazing ability to soar the skies with its massive wingspan. American bald eagle kites have been developed based on the amazing ergonomics of the bird.

It is hard to discern whether the kite flying in the skies is a bird or a kite. This is because it has been made to look very life like which is perhaps the reason why it works so well. The eagle kite is a total recreation of the actual bird.

You may be wondering if your American bald eagle kite may be attacked by other birds in the sky. The reality is that almost all other species of birds that take to the skies are afraid of birds of prey. The American bald eagle happens to be one of the largest and fiercest of raptors hence no other bird would risk coming close to this kite.

American Bald Eagle Kite Construction

The eagle kite has been skillfully constructed with a 5.5 meter pole going through its body. It also features a swivel attachment and comes with 2.4 meters of string. This is attached to the beak of the eagle kite. This kite takes to the skies in a very different manner than other regular kites. Once in the sky it flies around the pole and the hovering and flapping motion of its wings can be seen. You will literally see it diving and weaving along with the wind.

Although there are many different kinds of American bald eagle kites available in the market it is generally made of Tyvek. This is actually a space age material that was developed by N.A.S.A. The unique material is extremely lightweight and at the same time it is water and tear resistant even at speeds of 40kph.

In order to give it a life like appearance of the eagle it has high quality graphics painted on it that are an exact copy of the original bird. The paints used for the printing are extremely high quality and will not melt with the direct sunlight that they receive while soaring the skies.

Since the American bald eagle kite is much larger in size and far more complex in its mechanism, the kite kit is likely to be a little bit more expensive than ordinary kites. However ordinary kites are nothing compared to this exclusive product. Not only will you be able to attract the attention of others with this impressive kite rather it is a whole new kite flying experience with the American bald eagle kite.

The kite comes in a dismantled form and needs some assembling before it can take to the skies. However you can even order the assembled version of the kite that will have you flying within 5 minutes. The unassembled version will take about an hour to hook up and start flying.

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