Invicta Russian Diver Quinotaur

Invicta Russian Diver Quinotaur watch is an oversized watch, purposed to typify a masculine style and exudes the sophisticated design and superior quality of Swiss technology. Read or guide for more facts and information about Invicta Russian Diver Q

Invicta’s Russian Diver was initially manufactured in order to honor the watch that the Russian Naval Fleet had commissioned in 1959. The Russian Diver happens to be the largest timepiece of Invicta, with a bold and strong appearance contributed by the titanium or stainless steel construction. The patented design, portraying the high-end Swiss technology from Invicta Watch Group is time-tested and extremely valuable.

Russian Diver collection watches

An Invicta Russian Diver watch exhibits its superior technology even when the wearer dives deep into the sea. The Swiss chronograph movement incorporated in the watch is its basic functional mechanism. The matchless expertise of Swiss watchmakers is vividly depicted, as the whole process beginning from fixation of the power source to synchronization of the wheel train is superintended by Swiss experts. Thus the reputed accuracy of this sophisticated technology is obviously portrayed in the movement.

Design prowess of Invicta Russian Diver Quinotaur

A captivating contrast is exhibited by the stainless steel case and the black dial, with numbers in clear white. The white numbers are quite readable and the black dial is protected by a mineral dial window that is characterized by durability and scratch-resistance.

The Arabic numerals are pointed by trinite luminous hands, which possess a unique quality of glowing for a long time in the absence of light or while diving into the depths. A date function is also available, and the wrist-watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet). Therefore, one can actually dive while wearing this watch.

Specifications of Invicta Russian Diver Quinotaur

The 52 millimeter stainless-steel case, plated with 23-carat rose gold, corresponds to a similarly coated bezel which showcases the hour indices. The case is 17 millimeters thick, while the band width is 25 millimeters. The band is made of rubber and coated with gold, and it goes well with the buckle clasp. The perfectly round watch, weighing 1.4 pounds, has a mineral dial window, showing the analog display backed by a mechanical-hand-winding movement.

The size of the watch, which is peculiarly large, is instantly noticeable as well as attractive, and Invicta has intentionally designed the size to make it uniquely sturdy and striking. The signature crown cap complements the originality of the Russian Diver collection.

The Invicta Russian Diver Quinotaur watch derives its name from a five-horned sea monster, known to be of mythological origin, depicting a bold masculine nature. Owing to popular demand, the Russian Diver collection also offers women’s watches with its patented designs.

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