Big Bear Snowboarding

The snow quietly parts as you skim through it on your snowboard. If going Snowboarding at Big Bear Mountain interest you then read our guide for more facts and information…

The beautiful slopes are just aching to be enjoyed. Big Bear is a wonderful outdoor escape featuring two of the most prestigious ski resorts in Southern California. They are Bear Mountain Resort and the also very popular Snow Summit Resort.

Between these two premier locations you can experience

• 20 Lifts
• 75 Trails
• Majestic Mountain Views
• 7 Snowboard Parks

Dedicated snowboarders actually live there because of the snowboarding action they know they can get from the Big Bear Mountains.

Big Bear Snowboarding Rentals

If this is your first time trying your hand at snowboarding or you just want to check out the latest moves, there are snowboard rentals at Big Bear that can outfit anyone for top performance out on the slopes. They feature the hottest top quality gear available today with boots and goggles and all styles of clothing.

You can find excellent snowboarding rentals at:

• Snow Summit Resort
• Goldsmith’s Boardhouse and Ski Rentals
• Blauer’s Board Shop
• Bear Mountain Resort
• Bellows Ski and Board
• Bear Valley Ski & Board
• Johnny’s Ski & Board House
• Online Ski & Snowboard Rentals

Big Bear Snowboarding Lessons

You can get professionally taught snowboarding lessons that range from beginners all the way up. You can learn to snowboard while enjoying a beautiful environment full of fun and excitement. Before you begin on your first chair lift they teach you all about your equipment and how to use it.

You instruction will be self-paced and tailor made just for you. With no pressure you can absorb the techniques and basics until easily until you are totally confident and ready to face the slopes.

Going snowboarding for your first time is something you will never forget. Once you have learned how to navigate the slopes by yourself you will continue to come back year in and year out.

There are many various types of package deals available for taking lessons. There are discounts and benefits to each package enabling you to take full advantage of some excellent deals. From lift tickets to instruction and gear you can enjoy great rates at Big Bear Mountain.

You have the option of attending classes or taking private lessons. There are All-Day camps, Half-Day Camps, All-Day Private Lessons, Half-Day Private Lessons, and One-Hour sessions as well. The rates will differ depending on skill level, time of the season, and days of the week.

For information about Big Bear ski/snowboarding lessons call (909)-866-5766.


All Day Beginners (age 4-7) —Regular Season $109
Holidays and Peak Weekends $129

Half-Day Beginners (age 4-7) –Regular Season $79
Holidays and Peak Weekends $89

One Hour Private   (All Ages) –Regular Season $99
Holidays and Peak Weekends $109 =

Half-Day Private  (All Ages) –Regular Season $250 = 3 Hours
Holidays and Peak Weekends $300 = 3 Hours

All Day Private  (All Ages) —Regular Season $500 = 6 Hours
Holidays and Peak Weekends $550 = 6 Hours

Early Bird and Twilight Private Special
(All Ages) —Regular Season $89
Holidays and Peak Weekends $99

Snowboard Shops For Big Bear Snowboarding

You can go to their coupon website and find plenty of discount coupons for the equipment rentals at the Snowboard Shops. You can actually print out the coupons at home to bring with you on your trip. The good internet rates are talked about everywhere. Check out these URLs:

If you have just developed the itch or are an avid snowboarder the powder at Big Bear is calling you out for fun and adventure. They have everything a snowboarder needs waiting for you amid the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains.

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