Provence Vacation Rentals

Going on vacation to Provence in France? Looking for a vacation rental apartment o villa? Our guide to Provence vacation rentals gives you information about prices, locations, seasons and more.

Provence, in the south of France, is second only to Paris in the number of vacationers it receives yearly. Like most other tourist destinations, Provence has a high tourist season when the beaches get crowded and vacation rental prices go up. Not surprisingly, if you want a good deal on a vacation rental house in Provence you are better off going outside the peak summer months of June, July and august. However, given that the weather is sunny 300 days a year in Provence, you won’t be sacrificing anything in terms of enjoying the weather if you book your vacation in Provence during the spring or autumn.

During the spring and autumn months the beaches in Provence are quiet, the weather is still sunny and vacation rental apartments and houses are considerably cheaper.

While Provence does have it’s fair share of tourist havens like saint Tropez, the best deals on vacation rentals In Provence can be found if you opt to stay in one of the many smaller villages and towns in Provence. Not only will you be saving on the price of our vacation rental, but you’ll also be experiencing a charming little side of France that few tourists rarely see. Picture yourself renting a quaint little cottage in a small town, strolling down the hill admiring the blossoming trees, popping into the local bakery to pick up some fresh bread, or perhaps relaxing at a little café.

Vacation rentals in Saint Tropez Provence

Even staying in one of the busier destinations of Provence like Saint Tropez can be a pleasantly relaxing experience during the spring and summer months. Although saint Tropez does see an influx of domestic tourists during the Easter holidays,  prices of vacation rentals generally don’t go up that much, and the beaches still aren’t as crowded as they get during the summer. The easiest way to find rental accommodation while on vacation is to contact a local French estate agent. Estate agents in France are highly regulated and have to meet strict business standards so the chances of you getting ripped off by an unscrupulous middle man are slim. The two main vacation rental options in Provence are rental villas, and rental apartments. Villa’s are obviously more expensive than apartments and more suitable for larger groups or families. The advantage of getting an apartment apart from saving on costs is that they are often in good locations near to a lot of local attractions.

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