Russian Bride Scams

Several Russian women have been devouring innocent men, who seek for a soul mate to settle in marriage. Read our guide for more facts and information about Russian bride scams…

Besides Russia, bride scams also happen on sites that promote brides from Philippines, China, Brazil and other parts of the world. After signing up with a bride site, which could actually be a legitimate one, a man finds an interesting woman of his choice and begins a relationship, being unaware that she is a scammer, and eventually ends up losing a lot of money.

The Scammers’ Plot

A lonely man gets the acquaintance of a Russian female over the Internet. Within a short span of time, the woman entices the man with her long and frequent letters, and proposes to marry him. She offers to meet him in person by traveling to his country. She reluctantly explains her monetary problems, asking for money to get the visa or tickets.  A crafty scammer may send heart rending letters, asking for money to help her clear a debt, or pay for medical expenses of her kith, or even request for gifts to keep remembering him.

Often the woman sends pictures, which might be her own or those of other young women. Several men, who are vulnerable to love, lose their heads focusing on hopes and dreams. The woman plays on the man’s emotions and feelings, arousing sympathy, such that the man is compelled to send her money. Starting with a few hundred dollars, the woman continues extracting money as long as the man remains gullible, and finally disappears.

Classification of Russian Bride Scammers

Russian bride scammers can be categorized under two classes depending on their approach. Serial scammers are more common, as their typical style is to approach many victims within a short duration. There are many such scammers who send a series of pre-written mails to many potential victims simultaneously, and they hardly use a conversational style, leaving questions unanswered. A few scammers opt for a personalized approach, whose work seems to be more skilled, and they closely follow conversations and manipulate their tricks.

Identifying Russian Bride Scams

A man ought not to lose his rational sense, and a good knowledge of scam scenarios will be of great help. He must be aware that a no woman will actually accept money from a man, unless their relationship has actualized. The man can look for frequent changes in email addresses or observe the style of the letters. It is also important to note that getting visas is not as easy, as the woman suggests. A sincere bride would not play with his emotions and expose her seductive pictures over the Internet. The scammer usually comes up with unusual stories, not directly asking for money, but persuading the man to offer monetary help for a whole lot of reasons that appear realistic.

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