Mexican Fleece Blankets

Amongst the many kinds of blankets available, the Mexican fleece blankets are amongst the most popular. To find out why then read our guide for more facts and information…

Mexican fleece blankets make for the comfiest blankets thanks to their extremely soft texture made from 100% acrylic. The soft material is lightweight and warm, sure to keep you warm on cold nights.The standard size of the blankets is around 5ft x 7ft which comfortably fits a double bed.

Advantages of Fleece

One of the main reasons why you should buy fleece blankets over any other is that the material is perfect to be used as a blanket because it does not fade wash after wash. Another great bonus is that you can also buy organic fleece bedding along with your blankets. These are perfect for people with any allergies or for the environmentally conscious.

Thanks to the internet you can now buy Mexican fleece blankets online. There are many online retailers however the price and quality offered differs. Some offer them at wholesale rates while others offer discounts on bulk purchases.

Colors& Designs

Among the large array of fleece blankets available in the market, the majority are made in and imported from Mexico. The Mexican fleece blankets complement almost every theme due to the wide range of colours and patterns they come in.

Similarly, there are many designs to choose from. The authentic Mexican blankets reflect the Mexican culture through their designs. The most popular ones are the ones with designs of sunsets, abstract patterns, horses and coyotes!

No matter where you buy from, remember to buy authentic Mexican blankets which are hand woven to get the best value for your money. Given these features it is a must to get your hands on a Mexican fleece blanket!

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