DJ Equipment in South Africa

Looking for dj equipment in South Africa ? Learn more about the complete range of DJ equipment in South Africa…

It is possible to get a very good quality, complete package for the CDJ203 DJ music equipment and system. The Gemini Complete CDJ203 DJ system contains two of the Gemini professional CD players, which are the tabletop style. It is a professional tabletop CD player for DJs who require all the necessary components of a professional tabletop.

Another category of DJ equipment available is the MP3 DJ Mixing Console by Behringer with the series number BCD3000. It is the PC-based system, which has a Traktor LE to accompany it. The mixing console has everything that allows a DJ to produce excellent music. The complete kit has good software and the hands fit on it perfectly.

Another good quality addition to South African DJ music equipment is the Pioneer CDJ400. It is a combination MP3, CD and USB Media Player. Available in limited quantities it is designed specifically for DJs working on an industrial level and can be used in different scenarios. It mimics the Pioneer industry standard of the CDJ-1000 series and is the latest addition in the globally renowned CDJ family by Pioneer music equipment manufacturers.

The Gemini series CDJ203 is a professional tabletop CD player. It is a highly competitive CD player and has high quality features that are unmatched in its price range. The player is excellent for those DJs who require all the necessary components and features set in a unique and stylish design.
Another handheld piece is the Tonium Pacemaker DJ System, which has a 120 GB capacity. It is an interesting development in music equipment and has a wide range of professional audio components.

The USB Audio Interface is a high-quality gadget manufactured by Behringer UFO202 and is considered a U-Phono. The main function of the device is to allow for the transfer of valuable tapes and vinyl records onto a computer with the use of a basic USB connection.

The DJ software controller known as Numark DMC2 Rackmount is the flagship controller under the professional DJ series by the manufacturer. It has a metallic frame and can be used as a tabletop unit or even as the 3U rack-mount. The equipment is highly functional and delivers high-quality music.

A very high-tech professional DJ system is the Traktor Scratch Professional by Native Instruments. It allows the musician to spin a collection of digital tracks on both the CD or vinyl turntables. Equipped with special control signals for vinyl records and CDs as well as intuitive software, the device is perfect for professionals who like music blended well and come across as tech savvy, yet old-school.

The Emu Xboard 61 has a USB MIDI Controller. It has full-size keys, which are premium quality, numbering 61 in all, and are equipped with after touch. There are a total of 16 programmable control knobs that function in real-time. The turntable is equipped with 16 new patch select and program change knobs along with  software for the editing and controlling of Xboard functions.


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