Flight School South Africa

Interested in flight school in South Africa? Learn more about South African flight schools…

Flight Schools in South Africa offer great experiences and high-quality training. The flight schools in South Africa are known for internationally recognized training and a wonderful experience because of the location as well as competitive pricing and fee structures. A pilot license can be acquired for commercial or amateur flying there.

These flight schools have a reputation for world-class training opportunities. Students from the African continent, as well as international locations, prefer to enroll in different South African flight schools located in Durban, Perth and other regions of South Africa. The main reason for this is the competitive pricing structure and wonderful locations, which offer oceans, beaches and seas to enjoy and relax in, a friendly community of people and an enjoyable experience to be had while enrolled in a world class flying program.

The main reason for this preference, however, is not entertainment and wonderful experience. The competitive pricing structure for fees factors large. Coming to South Africa and taking into account the cost of living and the flight school fee structure works out to be cheaper than taking flying lessons in other countries, which may include home-based aviation schools.

There are programs like airborne aviation services that provide a full circuit of arrangements with the esteemed South African flight schools. In order to take flying lessons for a commercial pilot license it is mandatory to get a visa for South Africa, obtain accommodation and a car, if required, as well as enroll in the flight school.

Once this is taken care of each future pilot has to take a medical exam to arrange for coverage for medical insurance and be deemed fit for flying. In terms of entertainment and experiences there are opportunities to lounge on the beach, interact with  the wonderful local people, go snorkeling and even scuba diving. Additionally, the beautiful South African countryside has many rainforest parks and game reserves along with other wonders of nature to be explored. These include the Garden Route, Victoria Falls and the stunning Drakensberg mountains among others.

Every flight school in South Africa should be analyzed in terms of its location, the scope of the curriculum and the budget of the student. There are differing costs for each school and all the associated costs must also be taken into account before making a final decision to take this on as a course of study. The main reason for taking on international aviation courses especially in South Africa is that it offers a wonderful career path that promises nothing but progress to the willing student.

Generally a private pilot’s license can cost a minimum of 75,000 Rand while the private pilot’s license for helicopters can cost a minimum of 180,000 Rand. The micro lighting pilot’s License starts at 35,000 Rand. Of course these prices are affected by  accommodation choices and the location of the flight school.

Sights and Sounds of Africa

The reason for taking on this course of study is mainly the price, but the country itself offers a wonderful opportunity for exploration. The cost of taking a pilot’s license in Europe is considerably higher than one acquired in South Africa. This combined with an amazing opportunity to enjoy the country on the weekends and after flying lessons makes it an attractive option.

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