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The Masonite organization was incorporated in 1948 in South Africa. It is an organization that is known for its integrity and high quality products. This has made it a global contender. The company employs 1250 people on 25,000 hectares of eucalyptus timberlands.

They are employed in the production of both soft board and hardboard. They have separate divisions that handle both local and international marketing and sales activities.
The Masonite Corporation has a very strong global distribution network. The main reason for the rapid and sustained growth of the company lies behind its focus on cutting edge research and technology and an employee-centric philosophy.

Of the entire shareholding, 80% is held by the Masonite International Corporation USA. The company is also listed on the JSE Securities Exchange SA.

History of Masonite South Africa

Back in 1924 William H. Mason owned a small workshop and was an expert in creating derivatives of wood.He had already invented a process for converting wastage, such as wood chips, into a fluffy and soft material. Using a difficult and inconvenient 19th century press he had attempted to compress fibrous material into an insulation board through use of heat but this was not a very successful procedure.

On one occasion, however, Mason inadvertently forgot to switch off machinery on a press that had a faulty valve. This occasioned a longer exposure of heat and pressure on the raw material. This resulted in the creation of a very hard and dry flat board that did not have any cracks or splits.

This accidental creation resulted in the first hardboard, which was exceptionally practical and versatile for a number of different applications. The product was branded and patented as the Masonite® Brand Hardboard.

Today the manufacturing facility consists of a fabricating facility, four hardboard presses, coating and soft board lines.

The company’s product range is comprised of hardboard and soft board products. The hardboard is available in different types, which are the standard and tempered preswood, standard white preswood, writing surfaces and standard door panels along with the Cornice and echo stop.

The soft board is flexijoint and basic soft board. There are also acoustic suspended ceiling systems and the deep mold door designs have smooth and textured options for design. The legacy, regency and Orleans door panels are some of the most popular ones. It is also possible to purchase the standard door panels or the fancy Albany door panels made out of Masonite hardboard.

Corporate Social Investment

Not only is the company involved in the manufacture of high quality products, it has given back to the community with social investment. The reputable Masonite Trust established in the year 1986 started off with only 20,000 Rand. It was focused on constructing brick-and-mortar projects in the education and health care fields for social upliftment of the downtrodden and those living in rural areas. These areas were the prime locations where the Masonite operations take place. Today the Trust is in receipt of more than $137,000 in terms of the grant offered by the Masonite International Corporation. It has gone on to develop a partnership with the Natal Schools Project Trust and under their belt 10 rural classrooms are constructed annually.


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