Vinyl Cutters South Africa

Looking for convenient vinyl cutters in South Africa? Learn more about South African vinyl cutters, which offer superior durability and precision…

There are many options for vinyl cutters in South Africa and one such amazing product is the CAMM-1 GX-24 vinyl cutter. Perfect for the creation of outstanding signage for business establishments, the product creates wonderful signage in minutes. Easy enough to be used by an amateur, there are different options that can be created out of the basic vinyl cutter. Advanced technology and features allow novices to use the product, which is easy, and which also offers great power and precision. The durable GX-24 cutters from South African distributors are popular across the country as they are easy to understand and use. Another great product that has been accepted by the masses is the Roland CAMM-1 vinyl cutter. Globally recognized in the signage industry as a most efficient and reliable tool, this cost-effective machinery allows one to create reliable and perfect signage time after time.

Vinyl Cutters in South Africa Adaptability

In terms of application the vinyl cutters in South Africa are utilized for creating vehicle graphics, banners, store displays, informational signs, point-of-purchase materials, backlit displays as well as flock heat transfers. Utility is not limited to these applications and many other jobs can be performed and executed through the use of this machinery.

A digital control panel allows the user to get the right motor speed and precision required for working on the material. Reliability is guaranteed because the product comes equipped with the wiring to attach it to USB interface that allows the user to work immediately on a project on a PC. Accompanied by a driver specifically for Windows as well as the software known as the CutStudio™, which is a drawing application software, the modern display panel is a blue LCD that has been positioned strategically to allow for optimal navigation and easy viewing.

CutStudio has the option to pick up scanned images from TWAIN 32 scanners and is compatible with Windows 98 SE/Me/2000/XP. It is possible to use any computer printed image and to cut it out in different contours. This allows for the speedy production of decals and labels with just the basic equipment and a computer. The software also takes on larger jobs, which can be split up and printed in tiles. The digital channel allows adjustment of minor controls and sliding the device to adjust the blade force at any speed— even when the material is being cut.

Proper aligning of the media in material is ensured because there are two independent sets of the guidelines, which run along the front and the back of the device. The majority of vinyl cutters allow the front panel lines to trim the sheet easily and precisely. In order to feed the media properly there is a sheet roller base that is easy to attach onto the driving mechanism. Good quality vinyl cutters allow loading of media that ranges between 50 to 700 mm. The maximum cutting speed in all directions is 500 mm/s and a special blade allows this to occur.


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