Pilates Reformer South Africa

Looking for the Pilates reformer in South Africa? Learn more about the popularity of the exercise machines known as the Pilates reformer in South Africa…

The Pilates IQ Reformer is a leading and popular exercise machine. It is easy to set up in seconds and after use it can be folded up and stored upright or flat on the ground. This saves a lot of room in the house while allowing you to exercise on a professional machine. The Pilates IQ reformer has a very professional design, which is sleek and compact. It can be conveniently stored. With professional features and competitive pricing it makes the perfect exercise machine for home use.

It is the only IQ Reformer model that can be compacted for storage but it is also so smooth that it does not leave any track marks. It has been tested for consistency and professional features include tested springs. It is equipped with ropes and progressive resistance. The ropes can conveniently and speedily be adjusted using nautical cam cleats.

An option exists to use the wheelbarrow transportation system of the wheels if you need to store it flat or  library transportation wheels to store it vertically in a closet. This makes it exceptional for use at home. It is attractively covered with black upholstery and finished with blue trim.

Its features include a frame that is made out of aluminum and it can be adjusted for the required size because it has a telescoping mechanism. The tracks on the machine are unique because they are seamless and have the eight wheel systems, which are typical of all the Pilates machines. This makes for a very smooth, professional quality, silent ride.  For added safety during exercise there is a pin to safely lock the shoulder rest.

For comfort the headrest can be adjusted in three positions to provide cervical support. The frame handles are very sturdy and allow upright movement of the machines. Since the base is built-in, it has a nonskid platform, which can be used for exercises that are to be conducted while standing. It is more than 5 feet wide and offers a lot of room for maneuvering the body.

Foot Bar of The IQ Pilates Reformer

The foot bar is patented by the IQ Pilates machine’s manufacturer and can be adjusted in four different positions so that it is customized to fit the user’s body. The machine is equipped with handles, straps and carriage. Everything is professional quality for extended use and comfort. It has customized stability padding as well as high-quality upholstery that is patented and registered. The climbing ropes and cotton loops are safety rated. The springs on the Pilates reformer offer a professional system that includes five attached Balanced Body Signature Springs. These can be used to create up to 46 resistances.

If there is a problem using the regular loops then there are the Y-Loops. These work as an alternative for the trapeze table work and the reformer. The small loops offer a comfortable grip and the foot remains secure. The double loops allow you to decrease the adjustments required on the rope. This means that there are separate loops for the hands that are short in length and two separate loops for the legs and feet, which are longer and are accompanied by the D – ring.


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