Brazilian Remy Hair Extensions

Brazilian Remy hair extensions are rare and expensive owing to their unique natural texture, and they can be straightened, blow-dried or curled just like the wearer’s own natural hair. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Hair extensions help increase the length and volume of hair through an extension process. After a woman undergoes a hair extension process, the resultant enhancement in the hairstyle and appearance tends to have a positive impact on the personality as well. Style-conscious people of all age groups are interested in extension techniques, which have undergone immense technological advancements. Sparse hair or short hair can be corrected quickly and effectively. Remy hair extension techniques are among the recent trends involving Remy hair from different countries like Brazil, India and China.

Brazilian Remy hair

The term ‘Remy’ refers to natural human hair that has not been subject to chemical treatments. Brazilian Remy is unique and is probably the connoisseur’s choice, owing to its natural properties. As its cuticles remain intact and unidirectional, chances of tangling or frizzing are minimized. With silky soft texture and subtle waves, it is also referred to as Virgin hair or Cuticle hair. Unlike Remy hair that comes from India or China, Brazilian Remy does not require Teflon or silicon coating to impart silkiness or glossiness. It does not lose the luster upon  washing, and genuine Remy originating from Brazil comes in shades ranging from brown to dark brunette.

Brazilian Remy hair extension technique

It is a versatile technique that is suitable for any hair texture, ranging from African Molado or Mullato to European hair. Before starting the process, the hair is cleansed and dried to remove oil, and no conditioner is used as a conditioner may inhibit the bonding between the natural hair and the extensions. The stylist sections off the hair to apply the extensions in neat rows, with a strand-by-strand method, which minimizes shedding or fraying. Once the process is over, the ends are trimmed and if required the extensions are straightened row by row. The process takes about four hours.

Advantages of Brazilian Remy extensions

Unlike weaves, which suffocate the scalp and lack the sway and bounce of natural hair, hair extensions involve a ‘strand by strand’ method and allow any hairstyle like ponytail, loose curls, pinning on the side or wrapping up at night. Maintenance is hassle-free, as the hair can be washed and styled normally as with one’s own hair. With specially formulated shampoo, conditioner and hair products, the extensions are likely to last much longer. The application is almost weightless and hence minimizes shedding. Depending on hair growth rate, the extensions are expected to last from six months to as high as twelve months. After the duration, they need to be extracted professionally.

Despite the expensive and time-consuming process involved in Brazilian Remy hair extension, it minimizes damages and renders a long-lasting dynamic style.

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