South Africa Safari Kosher Tour

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When taking an African safari, people are interested in kosher tours because many tourists wish to refrain from eating some of the food typically provided in South Africa on a safari. One such tour operator is African Kosher Safaris, which runs different tours from areas like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. As you enjoy the wilderness and landscape offered by nature in South Africa, you will not have to worry about food preparation or your dietary needs.

Semi Catered and Fully Catered Tours Offered by Kosher Safaris

Checking out Africa’s big game does not mean that you have to eat most of it. There are completely catered tours offering regular food, which is kosher. There is also a trained masgiach to accompany the party as well as the option to choose semi- catered cuisine. This basically means that you can bring your own food and prepare the dinner with the non-Jewish chef trained in kashrut. This will assist everyone in enjoying the safari rather than focusing on food requirements.

Trained Kosher Cooking Experts and Chefs

The basic idea of a kosher safari is to offer high quality kosher cuisine. The chef strictly supervises the preparation of food as requested by the client on-site. There is a full-time ranger for game collection and a specialized catering staff. The focus on providing kosher food does in no way remove the focus on providing a wonderful adventure in the wild. Not only is the tourist season popular with the guests, but it is also possible to book a tour planned for off-season.

Scope of the Kosher Safari Tours

This specific kosher safari in South Africa has been running for more than a decade. After catering to the requirements for food the company also focuses on luxury and budget safaris. Luxury safaris are scheduled for four days and go all the way up to 14 days. Budget safaris start at four days and can last all the way up to 13 days. Different packages are available as per the requirements of the client.

Venues for the Safari

There is an exciting selection of locations offered by African Kosher Safaris in South Africa. These include the Kruger National Park, the Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, St Lucia Wetlands, Cape Town, Blyde River Canyon as well as Madikwe. South Africa has amazing sites to visit and even if it’s for a relatively short duration it is possible to get a high quality safari experience. From the tropical rainforest to the out back as well as the coastal resorts, one can catch some if not all the locations in a short trip.
Other locations include day trips into Johannesburg, Namibia Desert land, Sabi Sands and Inyathi along with the Garden Route. The Garden Route is a beautiful tropical rainforest that has amazing wildlife including the African elephant, African leopard and the gnu.

Equipment and Facilities

Kosher safaris provide full information on visa, health requirements and vaccination requirements. Additionally, the right weather and seasons are cited in the literature to ensure that the guests have a fair idea of the weather conditions. Complete security is made for the arrangements and the accommodation. Internet and phone connections are available at the base camp.

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