Argentina Travel Tips Info

Need some tips before your trip to Argentina? Our top ten travel tips will help you decide when to go Argentina, how and what to do when there.

These travel tips are provided to help you maximise your stay in Argentina.

1) Check the Weather
Argentina is a big country which inevitably means many different weather types. You need to be smart about when to visit Argentina as the weather may make or break your trip. Remember that since Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. Spring falls in September to November, summer falls in December to February, autumn falls in March to May and winter falls in June to August. Always check the weather in Argentina .

2) Learn some Spanish
Before travelling to a new country it is useful to learn a few words and phrases. The simple things such as hello, goodbye, thank-you, can I have, etc will aid you. As Argentina is a Spanish speaking nation you need to scratch up on some Spanish phrases .

3) Research the Culture
All countries have their own ways of doing things. You should get at least a little familiar with things such as customs, behaviours, etiquette, dos and don’ts. A tip is to use of the many guides to such things on the internet for free including the Guide to Etiquette, Culture and Customs of Argentina which is a great first point of call.

4) Decide what you want to see
Maybe an obvious tip but you would be surprised at how many people don’t do this. When planning your trip sit down and look at what you want to see. Check out the main tourist attractions in Argentina or places such as beaches or cities you want to see. Write a list then plan your journey carefully. Most people will start and finish their trip in Argentina in Buenos Aires so try and do a circle of the country.

5) Getting around
Once you know where you want to go you then need to know how you will get there. There are many ways to travel in Argentina including air, buses and taxi. All will have their limits and cost implications so a top tip is to plan wisely.

6) Set your budget
A good traveller always sets a budget. Look at the currency in Argentina and decide what it equates to in your own money. You can decide on a budget for the whole trip or per day. It is always prudent to have a contingency fund. If you don’t break into it, you can always treat yourself to some presents at the end of the trip.

7) Know the risks
A safety tip: make sure you know where you are going and the potential risks involved. This can include anything from avoiding unsafe areas to ensuring you appreciate the dangers involved in things such as extreme sports or visiting areas off the beaten track. Remember a lot of Argentina is rain forest and not many people can survive in one alone! Check out some good safety advice for Argentina .

8) Food
People in different countries usually eat different food. Check out the food and drink of Argentina and consider any issues you may face. If you are vegetarian then you are in for a hard time but try and learn to say “I’m vegetarian” in Spanish. If you are allergic to any foods get a sentence or two translated on a card which you can show at restaurants.

9) Ask others
There are plenty of forums now on the internet where people exchange views and opinions about their travels. It is always a good tip to join one of these to find the best hotels, restaurants, routes and even contacts.

10) Have fun
The major tip for you trip to Argentina is to have lots of fun. It is a fantastic country with a fascinating history and wonderful inhabitants.

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